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The Steps To Negotiate A Commerical Lease

A COMMERICAL LEASE is a lease that is entered into a transaction for commercial or business purposes. When it comes to determining whether or not one should negotiate one, there are steps to consider. Here are some important steps.

The term of the COMMERICAL LEASE is very important because it can span a wide time frame. For example, one may be for a duration of three years. Others can even reach to ten years. Taking into account both the expiration and commencement dates should be done so one can determine whether it will be negotiable and for how long.

In regard to the property, checking the vacancy should be done. If the property is not vacant, the current tenant may raise issues. For instance, the tenant may not relocate or the construction occurring on the property may not be completed by the deadline. The tenant may also raise a disagreement over whether they can access the property at an earlier date so they can make installations and perform other improvement projects. The lease should cover the date for when the property should be completely ready and the moving date.

Determining rent for the property is a step where annual costs can be decided upon by taking into account the area of space per square foot. Rent can also be calculated by adding the costs the landlord pays in terms of operating the property, repairs, and taxes. It can also be established by the amount of real estate taxes, insurance, and looking into percentage leases.

Understanding subleases is important because a tenant can progress through one yet need to leave for any reason. If this happens, the tenant must be able to find another tenant to take the sublease for them. The new tenant must be able to pass the credit assessments and the landlord must decide if they meet the requirements to be a tenant.

Getting advice from professionals is also very helpful. Anyone considering going through this process can benefit from it. This way a starting point can be established and an outline of the process can be examined. Locally, people can get advice from a realtor or a lawyer who has knowledge on rental properties.

Those were some steps on how one can negotiate a COMMERICAL LEASE. Understanding the process of leasing and the costs is vital in the process. Knowing every date associated with one is also an important part of the process as well.

Get inside info on steps to negotiate a COMMERICAL LEASE in our guide to all you need to know about Commercial Leases in Aus on

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Cool Tenants Rights images

A few nice Tenants Rights images I found:

Jacobs Well
Tenants Rights
Image by failing_angel
Trinity Lane, York

Jacobs Well was built in 1470 with an endowment from Alderman Thomas Nelson, as a dwelling at Holy Trinity Priory for a priest to say masses for him. At the Reformation the building was bought by Isabel Ward (Prioress of Clementhorpe Nunnery at its dissolution, and whose brother was a monk in the priory). On her death, she gifted the house back to Holy Trinity Church, and it became the rectory. The house was later leased to a number of tenants, as well as an inn during the Georgian period.
A second storey was added to the building in 1660, and a third in the early c19th (although this was removed in the 1980s as the strain was causing damage to the structure).
The building is now used as the parish rooms for the church.

Listing information:
House, now parish room of Holy Trinity Priory Church,
Micklegate. Late C15; possibly extended in early C16, and hall floored in C17; wing raised and further extended in early C19. Restored and altered in 1905, including reconstruction of late C15 canopy over door; restored 1991, including removal of additional storey and construction of new roof to wing.
Restoration and alterations of 1905 by Walter Harvey Brook; restoration of 1991 by Peter Marshall, Architects, of York.
Materials: timber-framed, with original infilling of wall tiles, ground floor at front encased in rubble stone, with areas of brick of various dates; ground floor alterations at rear rebuilt in dressed stone; first floor of both fronts plastered and whitewashed. C19 extension of red brick, part Flemish bond, part English garden-wall bond. Roofs tile and pantile, with rebuilt brick stack at left end of entrance front.
Plan: 1-bay open hall with 2-bay crosswing and later extensions.
Exterior: 2-storey front, two and half bays of framing, the upper floor jettied on two sides; 2-storey 1-window extension to right. Original entrance in jettied right return, now enclosed in C19 extension. Doorcase towards left end incorporates reconstructed canopy with embattled mouldings, coffered on underside, on medieval cusped brackets, the spandrels carved with an eagle, a Tudor rose, leaves and flowers. Renewed door with 2-centred head in architrave carved with flowerheads between colonnette jambs with moulded bases and inverted bell capitals. Renewed 3-light mullioned window at left end of ground floor; to right, renewed 2×6-pane horizontal sliding sash. On first floor are two mullioned windows, one of 5 lights in shallow oriel, one of 4 lights, both renewed. Window mullions are timber, of diamond form, and windows have lead latticed lights. Both windows in extension are 2-light horizontal sliding sashes, 6-paned on ground floor beneath segmental arch, 4-paned on first floor beneath timber lintel, both with stone sills.
Rear: 2-storey 1-bay hall, with 2-storey crosswing to right.
Double chamfered doorway in crosswing, with 2-centred head and nail-studded door, to left of hollow-chamfered square-headed window of two pointed lights. Ground floor of hall contains projecting square bay with roll moulded parapet and 4-light mullion window. Continuous hoodmould runs across bay window and returns above door and window in crosswing. On first floor, crosswing has 4-light window with brick mullions in chamfered brick surround, and hall has 6-light timber mullioned window. Hall has timber guttering on elongated iron scroll brackets.
Interior: ground floor: inserted studded wall divides crosswing, in which dragon beam and floor joists, some replacements, survive at right end; left end underceiled. In wall between crosswing and C19 extension, original doorway and 6-light mullion window survive, beneath original first floor jetty. Hall has ogee-arched chamfered fireplace with heavy timber lintel carved with embattled mouldings; ceiling beam and joists are chamfered. Inserted door and 3-light mullion window leads to staircase extension. Staircase has close string and open panelled balustrade, moulded handrail and square newels with truncated pyramidal caps. 2-light mullion
and transom staircase window with leaded lights and opaque glazing, and ogee mullion and transoms. On first floor, ceiling over stairs is coffered with chamfered beams and painted carved bosses at intersections. Framing in hall is complete except for wall broken for staircase. In crosswing, chimney breast and firehood, with timber surround to fireplace with simply moulded jambs and shelf.
Roofs: hall has two crown post trusses with ridge purlin, collared rafters and 1 side purlin on intact side opposite staircase. Reconstructed crown post roof to crosswing. Notable early and late C20 ironwork on most doors and windows.
[British Listed Buildings]

Cool Tenants Rights images

A few nice Tenants Rights images I found:

Great Domesday, Folio 107 Verso
Tenants Rights
Image by electropod
Stefano ten’ de B cliford. Britmer tenet T.R.E. 7 geldt ap una hida…

Stefano holds (the manor of) Clifford from B(aldwin). Britmer held it in the time of King Edward and it paid rent at one hide…

Othelm tenet de B hidone. Goduin tenet T.R.E. 7 geldt ap iii hid…

Othelm holds Clayhidon from Baldwin. Godwin held it in the time of King Edward and it paid rent at three hides…

County by county, landlord by landlord, parish by parish, the Great Domesday details who paid what rent and other obligations to whom and for what in 1086, right down to the un-named householders, bonded peasants and slaves. Here in the county of Devon, the holdings and tenants of the Norman landlord Baldwin the Sheriff are itemised.

They didn’t have bold ink in those days, so the names of the holdings are highlighted by being crossed through in red.

Barbados Chattel House with rooms added on
Tenants Rights
Image by Corvair Owner
From the web site:

The Chattel House was originally the design of the plantation workers home. They were modest wooden buildings set on blocks so that they could be easily moved from one leaseholding to another. In early settlement days, home owners were not necessarily landowners, but part of a tenantry system of the plantations.

The houses were constructed to be transportable in the event of landlord and tenant disputes. The name chattel referred to the fact that they were movable property.

The steep gable roof, constructed of corrugated iron, were adapted to suit the climate of heavy rains and winds. The roofs angle deflect the wind rather than provide a platform for it to lift off.

The fretwork around the windows and openings were placed there to provide shade and a filter against the rain.Over the years fretwork has became an attractive architectural feature in its own right. Many chattel homes have distinctive jalousie windows, with tree sets of hinges – Two vertical and one horizontal, that allows maximum flexibility against the wind and sun.

3 Necessary Things to Do Before You Start Your Own Business If You Want to Succeed

Many people think that all they have to do to start your own business is have a product or service, open the doors, put out a sign, and sit back and watch the money roll in. The reality is often times much further from this idea than most people think, and it doesn’t take them long to realize that they weren’t even close in how easy they thought it would be. If you take the right steps to get started, you can start your own business and make it very successful. However, if you fail to prepare properly, the reality of the dog-eat-dog business world will very quickly let you know that you are a small fish in a very, very big pond. Here are 3 absolutely necessary things you must do before you start your own business if you want to increase your chance of success.

The first thing you must do develop a business plan. This shouldn’t be the typical business plan that most people know about or teach about. This is a plan that is living, breathing, and a natural part of the business. Think of it like this. Your business plan tells a story, and that story is the story you want your business to follow. It should include goals, benchmarks, and dates for reaching both. Anyone who reads your business plan should be able to paint a picture in their minds of the path your company will take over the next 1, 2, 5, and eventually 10 years.

Tell a very clear, very well defined story about your new creation. Talk about how it will look, how it will feel, what kind of experience people will have when they walk in. Talk about financial goals and benchmarks as well as expansion plans and ideas. Be creative, be willing to dream, but remain realistic for the possibilities for your idea as well. Obviously making $ 1,000,000 your first month isn’t realistic, however, doing that in the first year might be if your plan is solid, well created, and able to be put into practice.

The second absolutely necessary thing you must do before you start your own business is to develop as many systems as possible for your business. Systems are step-by-step plans for doing different jobs and creating different goals in your company. For example, if you walk into McDonald’s, they have a specific system for everything. There is one for how to greet people, how to dress, how to cut or keep your facial hair if your a man, exactly how to take an order, what buttons to push, and anything else you can think of. Their system even includes telling people to smile when they say hello and greet customers.

You must have a system for absolutely everything in your business. This allows you to track the results you are creating as well as know exactly where to look and what to do in order to improve your results. With good systems in place, anyone should be able to do any job, at any time, regardless of experience, and get the exact same results as someone who has done that job for 30 years.

The final thing you must do in order to start your own business and succeed is to be willing to allow others to do some of the work. Many people fall into the trap of feeling like they have to do it all. They feel they are the only person who can do it right. This causes them to run around just doing stuff instead of focusing on building their business. You have to be willing and able to hire people from the very beginning, and allow them to do their job. All you need to do is manage the work and the results, not actually do the work yourself. Hire employees, and let them be employees.

(c) 2009 – Anna D. Banks, GCDF

ANNA D. BANKS, GCDF is a career development and life coach; speaker, and author. Ms. Banks serves on the 2009-2010 Educational Development and Marketing Committees of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP). Anna helps individuals design a game plan for a career or business. Since 1996, Anna has helped hundreds of job-seekers, managers, business owners, and sales professionals achieve career success.

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Understand Your Lease Agreement

Whenever a house owner along with somebody who may have selecting getting the house at the conclusion from the let period of time, involves a common lease agreement, this particular contract is called a Rent Obtain Understanding. This technique was on a regular basis useful for the purchase associated with property time back yet ended up being either neglected or perhaps ignored during the property increase. On the other hand, because of the recent decline within the property marketplace, this program have been revitalised and is quickly becoming very popular in real property circles.

This lease agreement needs to be in prepared form and the record needs to be decided by both parties. As with any lawful documents there’s a method included. Therefore, a contract has to be used and closed by both property owner and also the particular person (from hereon identifies because the lessee) whom wishes to make use of the exact property. This commitment really today turns into your Lease Invest in Agreement. The assistance of an attorney are often kept by simply the property owner as well as the lessee to be able to expression your file and manage and clarify your legitimate perspectives.

Though it may be challenging to write down a legal rental agreement without tendencies between a couple of reverse parties (property owner and lessee), there are particular criteria a good Rent Purchase Agreement should have. The location, dimension along with limits of the residence must be clearly mentioned. How big is the house and its place influences the price. Your limitations are crucial in that attributes would not have defined designs and therefore will not be well suited for your lessee meant make use of. So very important, make sure the property is freed from financial debts (there’s simply no loan around the home). Absolutely no arrangement must be entered into without very first saying yes about the conclusive amount of cash to become paid and also the time frame through which it really is to become paid out.

Additionally it is imperative that you take into account that instances may and could change prior to the final date and the way a lot 1 stands to achieve as well as drop if the cope falls through. Both parties must have a good gratifying leave offer selected inside the last document. Last but not least, be sure that the actual report will be old as well as witnessed with a next unbiased party or possibly a vacation in either side.

The many above mentioned facts must be considered if you’re going to enter into these arrangement, when you must protect your self and also the additional party also have to guard them selves. You can find themes with regard to these kind of deals located online plus much more facts that could supply an insight for the legal aspects and how to start getting every thing carried out. It is going to after that be up to you to definitely create in which hire arrangement your own to match your requires.

Stirling Gardner consults for ezLandlordForms – your best online resource for a state specific free rental application, lease agreement as well as a rental agreement.

Fiiif Chappelle Show – Fifth Amedment

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Renewing Your Apartment Lease

If you are near the end of your apartment lease and will soon have to make a decision, there are a few things you should consider that may help you determine what the appropriate next steps for you are. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind since there are typically several options available for you:

Lease Renewal

You will typically receive a notification that your lease is expiring 60 to 90 days before your current lease ends. This lease notification document will ask you to indicate your plans for your apartment home. You can renew the lease or inform the property management that you will be moving out. If you live in apartments in Keller, TX, or another city, and decide to stay in your apartment, you will need to inform the management team what you want your lease terms to be, as it relates to length of lease. In addition, your rental rate could change based on a number of factors. If your apartment community has increased their rental rate since you moved into your unit, they will probably increase your rent. Rental rates could also be determined by the length of your leasing agreement. In order to incent you to sign a longer lease, management companies often offer less expensive rental rates for longer leases. Other than these factors, if you renew your current lease as is, you are renting the same unit you are in.

Renew lease in a different unit

In addition to renewing your lease for the unit that you are currently living in, you can also renew your lease with your current community but request a different apartment unit. There are several reasons that could prompt you to need a different apartment unit. You may need to downsize or upsize the number of bedrooms or square footage you are renting due to a change in family size. You may prefer to move from upstairs to downstairs, or vice versa, for a number of reasons. You will want to discuss these options with your apartment management company and not just assume they will be able to accommodate any request that you have. There are several factors that may affect your ability to move to a different apartment unit including availability.

Allow lease to expire and move out

Several times, renters choose to move out of their current apartment community for a number of reasons. You may fall into this category. If you have decided that you want to move out of your apartment and not renew your lease, you will want to be sure to provide notice to the apartment management within the time guideline that you need. For example, if you have to notify manager’s that you will move-out within 45 days of lease end date, you don’t want to miss this deadline as it could cause you to have to pay extra fees. Also, check out the terms of your lease agreement to make sure that indicating your desire to move out on your lease renewal notice is adequate notice. Sometimes, communities require an additional written notice signed by you that will state your official move-out date.

Month-to-month renting

There are some Keller apartments that will automatically renew the duration terms of the lease to month-to-month after the end date of your initial lease. This means that the lease will automatically renew every month until the renter, you, give them notice that you will move-out. If you haven’t quite made a decision on your next steps, you may want to see if this option is available to you. If it is, it may be the way to go. There can also be incentives to maintaining a month-to-month lease until a certain part of the year. For example, the summer months are a busy moving time and apartment communities typically offer incredible specials during these months. If your lease expires in the winter or spring, you may want to use the month-to-month option in order to improve your negotiating power in order to get better lease terms.

If you just want to browse available apartments in the Keller area, try visiting U Move Free to view comprehensive listings of apartments along with photos and floor plans.

Nick Barber is a licensed real estate broker and the President/CEO of UMoveFree; one of the largest apartment finding firms in the multi-family industry. Visit for more information on Apartments in Keller, TX. Need more information on Keller Apartments or want to know more about U Move Free?

How to Find Good Tenants For Your Rental Property

Many people who have chosen to go into rental property real estate have a lot of concerns. One of the biggest concerns I see with new landlords is how to make sure that you get a good tenant for your rental property.

I have been a landlord for several years. The reason I continue to be a landlord is because I have very good tenants. Good tenants can mean the difference between you making a profit every month and you losing your mind when dealing with rental property. One of the first and most important lessons you can learn as a new landlord is how to find good tenants.

If you learn this you will make your job SOOO much easier. I have heard tons of landlord horror stories. I have even had a few landlord horror stories. While there is no way to fully protect against getting a bad tenant, there are things you can do to significantly lessen the chances that you get a bad tenant. Here are a few tips:

1. Always screen your tenants with a background check.
Always do background checks on tenants. You never really know who you are talking to until you run a background check. I remember one time I ran a background check on a potential tenant, she was a nice older woman and when I got her background check back she had several criminal convictions and had been evicted from three previous apartments. That threw up a red flag. I never would have known that by looking at her.

2. Always verify income and previous landlords.
Always verify the person’s income by calling them or faxing in an income verification form (you can get these online for a small fee). People get desperate when they are trying to rent a place and some tenants are not above lying. You would hate to see a tenant move into your building and then you find out that they really don’t make enough money or even worse don’t have a job at all. Also verify at least 2 previous landlords. Why? Because the current landlord that they have may lie to you just to get this bad tenant out of his building. The landlord before that one is likely to tell you the truth because the tenant no longer lives their.

3. Go and do a spot check on their current apartment.
Spot checks are a great way to see how your potential tenant will keep your place. If your tenant is sloppy and messy then it is safe to say that they will keep your place in the same condition. Now I know what you are thinking. “I don’t have time to go and look at their place!” Yes I understand that this is somewhat of an inconvenience but it is a much less inconvenience then cleaning up the mess that a sloppy tenant leaves in YOUR place.

Go and see their place let them know in advance you are coming. Surprisingly, sloppy tenants will NOT clean up even if you give them a week’s notice. This is usually the last step in my screening process, so I only go and see places that I have already approved everything else about them.

Till next time, Good luck and God Bless and remember… If you have any questions about saving or selling your home or any topics on real estate that you would like to know more about please email me and I will answer your questions in this column.

Arthur V. Veal IV is the owner of We Buy Houses Home Services, a real estate investment company. They specialize in buying houses on terms. They also sell other investors properties to their buyers through their Buy-A-Buyer program. His company boast a 73% success rate when helping sellers sell their property and landlords fill their properties with good tenant/buyers. Find out more about there programs by visiting their site at

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Trainer Kites – Five Things to Look at Before You Purchase

There are a lot of trainer kites on the market, and not all have been created equal. Some teem with quality, while others barely stand up to everyday use. When choosing your kite, checking the following five things will surely help you find a fantastic kite.

The Quality of the Stitching and Amount of Extra Reinforcing On the Kite.

High quality kites always feature extra reinforcing material in high wear and high strain areas. Look for extra layers of nylon or other material along the leading edge, and check to see if the bridles and trailing edge have double stitching. Both double stitches and zig-zag stitches are much stronger and preferable to single straight stitches.

Are the Bridles and Lines Easy to Identify and Attach?

If you’re looking into a 3 line trainer, check to see if the lines and bridles are marked to make attaching them a breeze. High quality kites generally color coordinate or label each line with its respective bridle, which makes attaching them a simple and easy process. Kites with unmarked line / bridle combinations require more thought and are more time consuming.

Are the Lines Colored?

Kites with three or four lines can unfortunately tangle. Colored lines allow you to untangle each line individually, and really help to clear up challenging knots. Kites with uniformly colored lines can take much longer to untangle, and generally are much more frustrating.

Does the Bar Have Clearly Marked Left and Right Sides?

Flying a trainer kite can be very fast paced, and it’s important to be able to identify the left and right sides of the bar in a hurry. Well made kites clearly identify either side with red and blue foam – red for left and blue for right. Unmarked bars can lead to frustration and confusion, and can cause some pretty fantastic crashes that put your kite at risk of tearing.

Is the Safety Leash Padded?

Using your safety leash is inevitable, and if used in high winds it can pull strongly on the wrist. Unpadded safety leashes can dig into your wrist and cause discomfort – check to see if the kite you are looking at features a padded, comfortable safety leash.

If a trainer kite you are considering fulfills even four of these five criteria, you have a well designed and well built kite. Any company that pays attention to these details, will inevitably create a fantastic kite that will be safe and enjoyable.

If you aren’t able to examine a trainer kite before you buy, drop by and download a full, comprehensive review of 4 major trainer kite brands, 6 different kite sizes, and 2 line configurations.

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The Bill of Rights Explained