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If you’re one of the thousands of residents in Camden County New Jersey with a criminal arrest record, you’ve likely experienced a few setbacks as a result. There are countless hardships that can arise if your background check isn’t spotless. Everyone makes mistakes and it can be a tremendous uplift to yourself and the quality of your life if you can get your Criminal Record Expunged.
Do you ever wonder just how having criminal record effects the everyday things in our lives? Below are the top reasons to find out if you qualify for the expungement of your criminal record in Camden County New Jersey. You deserve a fresh start from burdens that can come with mistakes made long ago.

Employment – Employers often deny jobs to applicants with a criminal background. Some states even allow employers to terminate current employees if they are found to have had a conviction that was never disclosed.
Education – The Higher Education Act of 1998 makes students convicted of drug related offenses ineligible for any grant, loan or work assistance. Having a criminal record may prevent you from attending the college of your choice or disqualify you from financial aid or even scholarships.
Dating – It’s a two edged sword. Either you need to be honest and let them know up front before they find out eventually; or they may decide to do a check on their own and find out that way. With all the public arrest records it’s pretty simple to do. Even some dating services require it too.
Loans – Having a criminal record may make you ineligible for all types of loans or result in higher interest rates.
Licensing & Certifications – Convictions can prevent you from obtaining state vehicle or medical licenses and certifications.
Insurance Rates – High insurance premiums may result if a criminal background is found.
Firearm Rights – Convictions can greatly restrict gun ownership. Hunting rights may be limited to archery or muzzle loaders.
Volunteering – Nearly all volunteer positions involving youth require a clean criminal history.

Don’t be limited to what you can accomplish or do in life because of a mistake you made in the past. The Law Office of Lakisha N. Dean is the experienced attorney to help you navigate the complicated rules and regulations of qualifying and receiving a New Jersey Criminal Record Expungement. Call Today 856-359-5222 or visit us online at Lakisha Dean, Esq., is located in Cherry Hill NJ in Camden County.

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Arrest Record Expungement Attorney Cherry Hill, NJ – Lakisha N. Dean, Esq.
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