Attorney: Martin Shkreli Has ‘Perfect Right’ To Invoke Fifth Amendment | CNBC

Former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli’s Attorney Benjamin Brafman speaks to the press after Shkreli was excused from a House panel hearing.
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Attorney: Martin Shkreli Has ‘Perfect Right’ To Invoke Fifth Amendment | CNBC


  1. Don Draper says:

    Did the lawyer just make up the scientist qualification? He doesn't even pronounce his client's name right.

  2. starsky1012 says:

    1:14, Shkreli is thinking: "No, I intended to show disrespect."

  3. GODBLIN 808 says:

    Money Controls Everything!!!

  4. Adam “Vegas” 7 says:

    Let's just toss him in prison, not federal but regular prison so he can get BUTT FUCKED by people who can dish out justice to him :)

  5. Ben Prince says:

    What possible basis is there to call Martin Shkreli a scientist??

  6. John Whalen, Jr. says:

    Odd how the Feds can't produce one person in the USA that "can't afford" Martin's drug.

  7. Brandon Almas says:

    You hear that "Mr.Shkreli's an intelligent scientist" PHHHHH…. Makes me laugh.

  8. Gabriel Vato says:

    He is shook, his lawyer is too

  9. Fredric Eriksson says:

    1:49 "Bitch, get this shit outta my face"

  10. Moo WWs says:

    Martin is that nigga.

  11. PickerLeech says:

    Who's the guy in the mid background in the cream suit. He looks oddly familiar. Much like the Apprentice UK contestant. I want answers.

  12. march11stoneytony says:

    Silver tongued suit

  13. Thomas DeSoto says:

    Lawyers are the scum of the earth.

  14. eastgoast says:

    I'm just happy to be called a YouTube fan.

  15. Justus Bacon says:

    please go, linda

  16. James Andrews says:

    Did he break the law?

  17. Wongseifu548 says:

    I wonder if his lawyer w I uld be saying this if he wasn't being paid to defend him what's his unbiased opinion

  18. James Paul says:

    ah yeah it's Brafman not Branfman, and Attorney not Attorrney……cmon CNBC

  19. SKpivot says:

    This guy is trash, should have hired Harvey Specter

  20. Kristin Hefner says:

    Some people don't get there medications as a result of cost…..some people don't get there medication because of prohibition.