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Dress For Success – What To Wear To Work

Roberta Hughes, image expert for Fortune 500 companies provides timeless image advice and training for business professionals. This image training DVD includes powerful makeovers and image tips on business casual dress, professional dress, modesty, hair, makeup, personal hygiene and more! Learn more at Call 801.653.9000 to schedule a private virtual image consultation with Roberta Hughes.
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Dress for Success: $100,000 Donation Surprise

Dress for Success: 0,000 Donation Surprise

Break out the Kleenex for this amazing surprise donation!
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Colette Werden, style and image specialist for female professionals and creator of The Ratio System helps women achieve a longer, leaner appearing silhouette, no matter their shape, or size. RESCUTV chats to Colette Werden about how to dress for success.

Joi Gordon-CEO Of Dress For Success

Joi Gordon joined Dress for Success as the executive director of the New York program in 1999 and in 2002 took over leadership of Dress for Success Worldwide. One of Joi’s primary goals is to ensure that Dress for Success becomes recognized as an acknowledged leader in promoting the economic and social development of disadvantaged women while expanding the organization’s reach so that more and more women across the globe will have access to the resources and tools they need to succeed in the workplace.

One of Joi’s proudest accomplishments is to have succeeded in building a passionate, dedicated and talented staff who will make these objectives a reality. Assembling such a capable group has enabled Dress for Success to improve the services that it offers to its clients, who now number more than 65,000 worldwide each year. In addition, the staff has expanded and strengthened the organization’s affiliate network and increased the support that is offered to its members.








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Dress for Success. Английский язык – intermediate text | OK English

Dress for Success. Английский язык - intermediate text | OK English

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Dress for Success. Английский язык – intermediate text | OK English

Разбор слов и грамматике в английском тексте – диалоге, который озвучивают американцы.

На канале Ok English вы найдете #УрокиАнглийского языка и английской грамматики по Красному Murphy (для начинающих), по синему Murphy (для продолжающих), разбор английских текстов, отдельные уроки английского на важные темы. С нами вы выучите #английский с нуля и подтянете свой #АнглийскийЯзык до уровня intermediate.
#LearnEnglish language and #English grammar with us!

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Красный Мёрфи, Essential Grammar in Use, все уроки:

Синий Мёрфи, English Grammar in Use, плейлист:

Разбор английских текстов уровня intermediate, уроки английского языка среднего уровня:

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CARE Education experts discuss the pros and cons of school uniforms in the developing world, and how CARE is helping those that can’t afford them. You can send a gift of lasting change in the form of school uniforms by visiting:
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Roxette – Dressed For Success

Roxette - Dressed For Success

My favorite song of Roxette. My 3rd vid in Windows Movie Maker 😀

Interview Basics: Dress for Success

Interview Basics: Dress for Success
To make your first impression a lasting impression in a job interview you need to know how to dress professionally. This video outlines three keys to help you decide what to wear as you prepare for your next job interview!
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How To Dress For Success As A Petite Woman

Self confidence comes from feeling comfortable and powerful in the clothes you wear. Exude executive presence when you walk into an interview. Think like a lady, act like a boss. You only have one chance to make a first impression with a potential employer or client so be sure to make it a good one. Remember if you feel good you’ll ooze confidence.

As a petite woman it can be an endless struggle to find tailored clothing when everything needs altering. Jeetly makes it easy to powerdress as every blouse, dress, jacket and trouser is designed and cut to fit women shorter than 5’3 so your petite workwear fits straight out of the box, no alterations needed. Look feminine at work and find out how to dress for work as a petite woman. See more at A brand worn by professional women in business, those who take their careers seriously.

Dress for Success

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How To Dress For Career Success: Tips From Image Expert Erin Miller

Making the switch from jeans and t-shirts or sweatpants and hoodies to appropriate business attire can be stressful. After dressing casual for so long, putting on a suit can kind of feel like raiding your parents’ closet.

What do business formal, business casual and casual dress for students and new graduates look like?

In this video tutorial, image expert and long-time recruiter Erin Miller ( explains a number of options in each style for both men and women. Each outfit was carefully selected for students and new grads by Erin from Banana Republic’s Bloor Street store in downtown Toronto.

Special thanks to our models from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management: Commerce students Peter Hu, Herry Dai, Erina Paluka and Teresa Lam.
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Dress for Success: 3 Do’s and Don’ts for Workplace Dress Codes

Video Highlights:
0:02 Today’s topic is the office dress code.
0:27 Dress for Success: 3 Do’s and Don’ts for Workplace Dress Codes.
0:34 Even “dress-down” Fridays have given way to an era in which “business casual” attire is generally acceptable every day in many offices.
0:50 You can’t always leave it up to your employees’ good judgment.
1:03 You might consider implementing a dress code.
1:19 Here are a few Do’s to keep in mind when implementing a dress code.
1:24 communicate the dress code in a clear and unambiguous manner.
1:35 Articulate your company’s desired image and offer suggestions of acceptable attire.
1:40 Specify when formal business attire is required.
1:50 Explain how the policy will be enforced.
1:54 Don’t single out specific groups of employees.
2:10 Your dress code cannot treat employees less favorably because of: national origin, religious practices, and disability.
2:57 If you require your employees to pay for their own uniforms, that cost can’t reduce their pay below the federal minimum wage or cut into overtime pay.
3:30 As you draft your company’s dress code, it’s a good idea to consult with an employment law attorney.
3:49 For more information on dress codes and policies, check out the U.S. Small Business Administration website at