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Killer Babes

Tamara Riley Mandy Lane Girls of Zombie Strippers Asami Yamazaki Madison Bell Sil.

WTF: Father finds son in trash can (WhoRyde)

WTF: Father finds son in trash can (WhoRyde)

Father finds his 11 month old son near trash cans.

Trucking in bad wheather

Trucking in bad wheather

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Speaks at Recall Walker Rally

This was at a Recall Walker rally at Milwaukee’s Serb Hall just before Christmas. Hopefully, Barrett will defeat Walker THIS year!
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Feighan, Naughten, Kelly – Roscommon Hospital Crisis

TD’s Frank Feighan, Denis Naughten and Senator John Kelly address the people at the hospital meeting in Roscommon 30/6/2011.
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Veteran’s Income Help-Including Disabled Vets & Their Families

So many veterans return home maimed with little chance of ever returning to their previous life of gainful employment. Many go into the armed services for th…

Just an intro for the team… will have more action vids/ photos up soon.
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San Francisco Reentry Summit, 2006: 45 of 49 (Yvonne Cooks)

Yvonne Cooks (CCWP Director, All of Us or None), discusses the role of language in identifying the formerly incarcerated, as well as employment and the succe…

I am going prison in about 7hours..

The Art Of Manliness Cool Website With A Message

Tje art of manliness is a cool website as well as a book. Its like a mens magazine with a twist. They are trying to revive the lost art of manliness.
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Kathy: Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Penal System
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Helping Felons Find Jobs

Many Ohioans are economically handicapped by legal restrictions and penalties that limit the availability of employment opportunities. Governor John Kasich w…
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