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mowgli sketches-compare6
The Innocence Project i
Image by DTWX
Mowgli sketches-compare6

Start: Sunday, August 16, 2009, 11:22:05pm
Done: Sunday, August 16, 2009, 11:52:09pm

Panel 1- Mowgli sitting beside a tree & pondering to himself in deep thought. Not only I like the overall mood of this capture, but I also like how I drew the rest of his foot on the lower left of the panel since the original shot had it cropped.
Panel 2- Mowgli looking up after he has supposedly fallen down & turning to his attackers. I didn’t have too much of a problem drawing the rest of his feet, which were covered up by the branches, but the small near dot of his mouth I had to improve at the start & at the last minute to get the right detail there.
Panel 3- Mowgli backing up in order to protect himself to whoever is going to harm him. I like Mowgli’s line of defense that he expresses on here & how I drew the rest of the foot in the lower left side of the frame.
I also to draw the rest of the area covering up by the boomerang. That wasn’t too hard on my behalf.
Panel 4- Mowgli squatting on hands, knees & toes and touching the soft ground as if to get a sense of the surface underneath his feet. The expression of discovery & sense from an individual is something that I’ve always admired, especially if it’s from children because it exhibit’s the style of innocence & playfulness.
Panel 5- Mowgli on the ground holding his head as if from falling from a higher ground. I like the overall posture & sense of feeling that he portrays here.
Panel 6- Mowgli standing atop a hillside overlooking the edge as far as his eye can see. I like the back view & upright pose in this one, as well as the sense of emotion that is portrayed here & would great in a panoramic WIDESCREEN view on a picture frame or painting, which is what I always like to see.
Panel 7- My Favorite panel in the set. Mowgli lying down on his stomach next to his ‘Mother’ & catching a little nap. This is my favorite one because I like the feeling of rest & relaxation and overall calmness that he expresses here and just adds more to the good natured Childlike peace that is exhibited here.
Panel 8- Mowgli falling down on his side plugging his ears as to not hear Balloo’s constant loud snoring. Eh, I thought this picture was a bit humorous & the way his body is posed & expressed, so I kept it.
Panel 9- Mowgli swinging on a vine in traditional Wild Child style. You always need at least one or two frames where a Human Being is swinging from treetop to treetop, to give it a bit of ‘Tarzan’ like quality, which is why I added it to this project.
Panel 10- Mowgli hunching over & getting ready to leap over to his next destination. I like his stature & the action style pose in this one.
Panel 11- Mowgli sitting down rubbing his side as if he fell down again. Like some of the previous shots, I had to draw the rest of his foot on the lower panel. His expression on his face was pretty good too.
Panel 12- Mowgli sitting down overseeing his next possible whittling project on a piece of tree branch. I enjoyed this panel simply because the way his face has a sense of childlike delight & innocence.
Panel 13- Another shot of Mowgli kneeling down with the rest of his Wolf Pack. Another pose that I liked, although it looks a bit too small to work with, but it looked good overall.
Panel 14- Mowgli reeling away from someone or something attacking him. Another small panel, but still has some detail to it. Also had to draw the rest of the toes as they were hidden behind that dirt mound.
Panel 15- Mowgli grasping his arm like someone just hit him in a state of discipline. His expression looks a bit cartoony, though. He almost looks like he needs to call the Ghostbusters, or something. ;p Anyways, I like the pose, detail, facial expression and the way his body turns & contorts to whoever disciplined him.
And I still like the way his face looks, though.
Panel 16- Mowgli reeling in from the shock of his previous disciplinary encounter. Almost the same as the previous panel, but a bit more style to the pose & the way his arm and body is contorted to mach that style.
Panel 17- Mowgli kneeling up and now feeling a bit more calm from his previous tear. As before, the different style of posing & sequence from the other two. I also admire the sense of calmness & taking on a bit of authority from his reeling fearlessness, or something.
Panel 18- Mowgli kneeling down in a state of varied, but lone emotion. This is a somber moment between the Feral Boy & his Natural Environment that surrounds him. Another innocent type of emotion that I like.
Panel 19- Mowgli sitting down with his Wolf Pack. Although this was a rather small piece to work with, I like the relaxed sense of posture that he emotes in this particular panel.
Panel 20- Another shot of Mowgli sitting beside his Wolf Brethren. I really like the type of stature he has in a Gentlemen sense of fashion in this one. It makes him look like the Man Cub that will dominate his Jungle.
Panel 21- Mowgli atop on a high tree branch ready to take action. I like the way his body contorts to match that stylish & authentic Action Movie pose that I’ve always liked in these projects.
Panel 22- Mowgli on the same branch in the previous panel, but with a varied yet puzzled look on his face. Eh, I think I might’ve overexaggerated his face here, especially the mouth, but at least I did the rest of the pose & his body justice if I may say so.
Panel 23- Mowgli sitting on a rock in a deep thoughtful expression. Another picture of the Feral Boy in a calm & peaceful manner with all thoughts of ill passing away. and stuff.
Panel 24- Mowgli lying on his back, pondering about something on his mind. Another relaxing moment with the Wild Boy like the other ones before it. I often contemplated about removing the rock, but then it would look like he’s holding an invisible baseball or something. 😆 So I just left it in for the sake of it.
Panel 25- Mowgli sitting with his Wolf Pack in a lone ravine. Digitally removing that annoying mongoose around his neck wasn’t too much of a problem. I just had to draw a new shoulder on him and that was pretty much it. Other than that, the posing was once again good in this piece & realized late into the trimming process that he had a knee in there, so I had to draw his knee which was a bit hidden because of the layout of the loincloth that was blending in with the picture. Brain Tricky, eh? 😉
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Basketball tournament benefits Ohio Innocence Project

Basketball tournament benefits Ohio Innocence Project

MADISONVILLE, Ohio (WKRC) – The Ohio Innocence Project (OIP) has helped free 24 wrongly convicted people since its founding in 2003.

On Saturday, students at Shroder Paideia High School in Madisonville spent the afternoon playing a part to make sure that success of the OIP continues.

Juniors at the school organized a three-on-three basketball tournament.

“I feel like by them, knowing exactly what they’re giving to it, makes them want to be here even more,” said Brooklyn Ringer. “This is a good cause and is something as a community we deal with.”

The OIP seeks out prison inmates who claim to be innocent. They research and investigate in hopes of overturning convictions. Two of the men the OIP have freed were in the stands for the fundraising games.

Robert McClendon lives in the Columbus area now after being freed after spending 17 years in prison. For him, sports was an outlet that got him through the time he spent behind bars. Being involved with the OIP and its mission is something he enjoys.

“I compare them to family. I owe everything to The Innocence Project, my freedom, my life, that’s why I’m trying to be there for them as much as possible,” said McClendon.

Sitting behind McClendon in the bleachers is Dean Gillispie. Gillispie spent 20 years in prison before the OIP got his conviction overturned.

“If it weren’t for them I would still be in prison. They saved my life,” said Gillispie.

Gillispie speaks at schools with members of OIP and seeing young kids make a difference is something that inspires him.

“It’s absolutely fabulous to have young kids involved in something that’s a big issue in America right now,” said Gillispie.

Gillispie is scheduled to speak to students at Summit Country Day in the coming days.
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The Innocence Project follows a group of bright and ambitious law students. Champion of the underdog and a brilliant teacher, Professor Jon Ford sets up The Innocence Project, peopled entirely by a hand-picked group of law students. His passion for his subject ignites something new and exciting in his students. They take on cases pro bono that nobody else wants to know about. Smart and with an infectious enthusiasm, Ford’s team is made up of fresh-faced 19-year-old university students who choose to make a difference while still going through the serious business of growing up. Their job is part investigator, part lawyer – and all before they’re out of full-time education. The Innocence Project is about the law – but not about lawyers and the police; it’s about failures in the process and cracks in the system. It’s about young people with fire in their bellies and a healthy disregard for authority.

Brian Banks and the California Innocence Project

Brian Banks spent 5 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. It stripped him of a college degree and a starting position for the USC Trojans as a middle linebacker. But, it did not strip his drive. Watch this video by Kevin Sully and share with your friends. Thanks for all your support!
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