CNN Tannerite Video of MN Dump Truck Explosion

I noticed this was not on youtube yet. I put this up for discussion. The man was arrested and “charged” with 3 felonies for doing nothing illegal. Non-commercial use of explosives on private…
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  1. Watch Ryder says:

    You can’t get blasting caps anymore AFAIK

  2. Curt Johnson says:

    The man was on probation when he mixed and shot the Tannerite and was not
    allowed to possess firearms or explosives – Wikipedia

  3. John Juhasz says:

    So, a guy buys a legal item (or items) with his own money and uses them on
    his own private property. And gets arrested ? Am I missing something ? 

  4. Zachary Ellis says:

    He’s not facing any charges, get real.

  5. geirtwo says:

    Continue filming these Tannerite super explosions and the legislators are
    going to get busy, thus ruining all the fun for everyone else. 

  6. Daniel Wescott says:


  7. MrApotamus says:

    I’d like to know just what multiple felonies this man commited, because as
    far as I know he was within his rights to do what he did.

  8. KuDeGrasBonVoyage says:

    They needed an escape goat to make an example out of. He could have done
    1000lbs of tannerite without the criminalizing propaganda, robbery (fines),
    kidnapping (jail), and imprisonment/harassment/terrorism (probation), all
    he would have to do is pay for a special permit, a fire dept to be on stand
    by, and possibly a gov. approved explosives expert, or a tax sponging
    doughnut eater to supervise it.

    So the real reasons why all this was done to him was..
    1. To teach a lesson to others that think explosives are fascinating (Gov:
    “No one gets to blow shit up except us and we like blowing up unarmed men,
    woman,and children “…”Obama and congress approved!”)
    2. IF you don’t ask us(gov.) permission and don’t pay us we’ll attack you
    and make your life miserable!

    Gov: “We have enough Americans that believe we serve their interest that we
    can play this game against almost anyone and still not loose our support
    base(which is aka stupid human cattle)!”

  9. Lon Schemel says:


  10. Pyro xReaper says:

    As long as its stays legal in the U.S. for you to have a little fun with
    tannerite then im fine, i think we should rely more on having homeland
    security weeding out the terrorists that actually want to do harm. Just my

  11. Outdoorsman1944 says:

    A bomb are you stupid, tannerite doesn’t make a fiery explosion, it
    extinguishes fire. You’re making tannerite sound illegal when it’s not. You
    can buy tannerite at pretty much every sporting goods store.

  12. CraigNW says:

    On the Tannerite page on Wikipedia, there is a link to the report. Scroll to page
    3, 4, and 5. This shows the list of charges against him (most were dropped,
    to my understanding). Each charge has a description stating why he was
    being charged with those crimes. He was only charged with about $2,800 and
    three years of probation. Also, he was already on probation for a previous
    *VIOLENT* crime (4th degree ASSAULT) and was therefore not allowed
    possession of firearms or explosive devices. So you guys really think he
    was totally fine detonating 100lbs of Tannerite on his own property when he
    had no civil right to own a firearm or explosives? He knew the risks. Also,
    in the United States, it’s perfectly legal for a police officer to stop and
    search a parolee at any time, so even if he had denied involvement, they
    could have searched his car and found the guns and empty bottles of
    Tannerite. I love guns and explosives, but people, do it carefully and
    legally. If you do stupid shit like Brian Childs here, you make us all look
    like irresponsible fools.

  13. Lloyd Clement says:

    Give it time, the liberals will convince small minded sheep that we need
    another law, one of those useless laws that infringe on liberty.

  14. MrApotamus says:

    welcome to the nanny state, the nanny state, the nanny state, the nanny
    state, welcome to the nanny state, where neighbors tattle on you.

  15. BucketOfPaint says:

    Ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. I dont understand why everyone is
    freaking out. Im looking to have some fun myself at my cabin in oregon.

  16. fijillian says:

    A bomb? Who the fuck writes this shit? Fear mongering much?

  17. TheDuvalBoy says:

    Antithropocentric, Tannerite is flameless, and can only be set off by a
    high powered rifle. I don’t know who told you about fires being caused by
    it, but it cannot create fires. The only way you can set it off is again
    with a high powered rifle, so an “internal shrapnel device” wouldn’t
    work… The entire purpose of the stuff is create a boom when you shoot

  18. drumerbumber says:

    this video and a lot of comments seem to be ignoring the real facts.
    Tannerite is a binary “explosive” that has no incendiary component. its 2
    ingredients are perfectly legal and each of them have acceptable uses in
    society. by federal law you can not own more than 50 pounds at a time and
    you definitely cant abuse it by putting it inside of something and/or
    adding accelerants such as gasoline. there is a reason the ATF tracks bulk
    purchases of fertilizer. this man appears to have created an explosive in
    the way he put everything together. That being said, it was his own
    property and it appears he was taking necessary safety precautions. no one
    would have said anything to him if he wasn’t so close to a power plant
    which is a potential target of would be terrorists and other devious

  19. 35sdphoto says:

    A blasting cap would do the same.

  20. Below Above says:

    Looked like he did it pretty safely. Keeping those nuclear workers on their
    toes anyway.

  21. customlumina says:

    i want to get a scrap car and put some under the hood

  22. LibertyAndFaith says:

    What’s next, regulation on how much tannerite you can buy?? It wouldn’
    surprise me. These power hungry government bastards will do anything in
    their power to destroy our right to keep and bear arms.

  23. Planchik says:

    i am quite awesome

  24. Antithropocentric says:

    Whoever uploaded this is ignoring a ton of context. This was no minor prank
    under the full circumstances. How can anyone claim that this stuff is
    benign on some legal technicality? People will always find ways to abuse
    explosives. It’s very likely that you wouldn’t even need a rifle to set it
    off. Some sort of internal shrapnel device is not far-fetched. Putting
    explosives in the hands of the public is begging for trouble. I’m glad the
    BLM is banning it in fire prone regions.

  25. Midwest UTV says:

    What CNN Didn’t tell you is that tannerite is perfectly legal! That’s what
    this man meant when he said “trying to have a little fun”. They try to
    portray this as a “homemade bomb” and it was on his own property anyway,
    Unless his state of residence has more strict regulations on the stuff I
    don’t see where he was in the wrong here…