Joe teaches us that you should dress for who you want to be. Don’t be a victim of the lazy sweatpants outside the house. You never know when you might run into someone important and you don’t want to be caught looking like a fool. Tune into the The Stylish every Monday for more Week in Fashion with Joseph Birdsong.

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  1. Maddie baumholser says:

    My idea of dressing for success is dressing like your personality? Badass? Dress like a badass breakout those domenatrix clothes or shred your clothes. Cute and quirky? Dress like it add fun accessories and mix prints. Adhd like me? Dress like I don't give a fuck! That is my way of dressing for success

  2. Conor Ryan says:

    Pamela look like that girl from South Park

  3. Calvin Man says:

    Joe, you're hilarious!

  4. Hannah Smith says:

    I agree. I try to wear sweats and make them look cute, but I end up just feeling like a hermit the whole day. I love the way jeans look on me c:

  5. Nadine Nichols says:

    i love you! hahaha

  6. ch33rylips says:

    Oh she was in crossroads with Britney!!!

  7. thestylishvids says:

    You GO! Show off that toned yoga booty Megan!

  8. Megan Talley says:

    I had one class at 8a.m. this morning, you bet I wore yoga pants to it! For those who work hard to keep their butt looking toned, yoga pants show off all that effort as well.

  9. thestylishvids says:

    Umm…well they make products for that.

  10. thestylishvids says:

    Wow…and add underwear to that equation and then it really adds up!

  11. PompTheMoose says:

    If putting on pants takes 23 seconds a day, that means I spend over 2 hours a year putting on pants…shit adds up. I say we all just stop wearing pants.

  12. SuperRentos says:

    I wear sweats in public all the damn time. I'm about being comfortable. If someone doesn't like how I look when I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing, fuck them.

  13. Kirra Gregson says:

    True dat.

  14. thestylishvids says:

    Opinions keeps it spicy!

  15. Kirra Gregson says:

    It's weird that the person from the stylish who is replying to comments is disagreeing with Joe…

  16. jmkh172 says:

    What should you do if you're overweight? (Besides go to a gym) I struggle with wearing nice clothes in public because of how I feel in them.

  17. Rachel Loh says:

    asdfadsflkj can't contain my happiness right now thank you so much!! 🙂

  18. thestylishvids says:

    Sweats have come a long way though…dressing down and being comfortable doesn't have to look sloppy!

  19. thestylishvids says:

    Totally! And they sell them everywhere. Do you have a 7-11 in Singapore? I know they have them in Asia. They might sell them there!

  20. thestylishvids says:

    We love that you know your ASS looks good in yoga pants!! Work it!!