Educating Children Isn’t Board Of Education’s Job Say Education Board Candidates

“At least two of the Republican candidates running for the Texas State Board of Education indicated in a conservative voter’s guide that they don’t believe t…
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Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) questioned Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during her testimony before the Senate Finance Committee on Wedne…
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  1. Pour Une says:

    A lot of assurance, very condenscending, but no real discussion about the
    State should have a monopoly in deciding the curriculum in schools (in
    Quebec even in private schools), or even whether schools operated by the
    State are the best solutions.

  2. 1955RodHot says:

    Is having no sense of irony or hypocrisy a requirement to be a Republican?
    I only ask because this is about the hundredth example I’ve seen in the
    last year of Republicans who unknowingly defeat or defy their own arguments
    and policies by their own words and actions. 

  3. sumguy805187 says:


  4. romanmir01 says:

    There shouldn’t be such a thing as government involvement in education. Or
    health care. Or banking and finance. Or insurance of any kind. Or business.
    There shouldn’t be any income taxes or business regulations or money
    printing either.

  5. Piriathy says:

    How do you misspell ‘agenda’???
    This is one thing I actually do not support diversity in; education should
    all come from one source, one guideline or whatever. We don’t need people
    believing different/conflicting facts, we need a well educated and cohesive
    You know what one of government’s purposes should be? *Producing cops that
    aren’t fucking corrupt/violent.* 

  6. deharleyva says:

    Texas actually has pretty good puibic schools. These people get caught up
    saying anything to get elected. They want that gubmint salary first and
    foremost. As for free markets, that is just coded language for corporate
    giveaways. Open up for profit schools like Everest and see what type of
    education your children get. 

  7. Hannah T says:

    This is just what Texas needs – less education. :/

  8. Shamnon M says:

    I have to agree that the FEDERAL government needs to get out of education,
    because their only contribution has been to devise standardized tests that
    have been the ruin of education. Btw, why can’t creationist fucks learn

  9. ElseMush says:

    They keep rediculing bias but these guys are so far left it’s off the

  10. ghostfires says:

    get rid of gina, she’s a boring dolt

  11. Magnimazing says:

    Don’t look up from your notes if you don’t actually know what’s on them. As
    unprofessional as it would look, it would have been better if she looked at
    the notes the entire time.
    All that looking up for a millisecond just to look back down at the
    beginning, is worse and annoying AF. _ 

  12. Dale Modisette says:

    *Hey **+Alvin Brinson** you will just love this since your a teacher in

    Published on Feb 24, 2014
    “At least two of the Republican candidates running for the Texas State
    Board of Education indicated in a conservative voter’s guide that they
    don’t believe the Texas State Board of Education should have any authority
    over how children are educated.

    Both Eric Mahroum (R) and Lady Theresa Thombs (R) “disagree” that it “is
    the government’s responsibility to be sure children are properly educated.”
    Incumbent Pat Hardy (R) joined the pair in “strongly agree[ing]” that “the
    more people [who] live by Judeo-Christian values, the less government is

    The three “strongly agree[d] that “free market competition for education
    dollars” would be preferable to a “government monopoly” on education. TFN
    Insider noted that “‘free market competition’ is the core argument for
    private school vouchers, which take tax dollars from public schools to pay
    tuition for students admitted to private and religious schools.””* Cenk
    Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?! TYT Sports), Gina Grad (The Gina
    Grad Show) and Jarrett Sleeper (Totally Clevver) break it down on The Young

    *Read more here from Scott Kaufman / Raw Story:

  13. Racecarlock says:

    Well at least I now know that rockstar games in fact required no effort to
    put together the so called satire of blaine county radio. They just googled
    stories like this and were all like “Yep, done!”.

  14. TheTwinkiefoot says:

    Texas is filled with a bunch of fucking morons? What’s new?

    On a side note, Gina Grad is damn fine. I love TYT but the only reason I
    stuck around for this particular video was to check her out. She should
    hence forth be known as “Chief Cutie”.

    The creeper also known as TheTwinkiefoot, lol. 

  15. jenisedai says:

    Texas will be the birthplace of the idiocracy.

  16. steveb0503 says:

    Is she a professional YouTube commenter?

  17. amy glass says:

    She wants experts of the bible. All the answers we need to advance in this
    world can be found in a 2000 year old book written by desert nomads. Why
    run for public office if you don’t want to govern? Do conservatives just
    want to be on the Public Dole/Welfare?

  18. AholeAtheist says:

    If we can have more stories that have Gina laugh enough to lean forward and
    put her breasts on the table like that, that would be great. Sorry, I know
    I’m a dirty perv..

  19. quetzalel says:

    And doctors should NOT tell you WHAT treatment to get for that cancer,
    heart disease, fractured femur or bacterial infection….WOW, repubes are

  20. rangers2721 says:

    hmmm, you get people who are running for government to get rid of the
    Patriot Act? I presume TYT wouldn’t have a problem with those people

    Since when did it become a crime to disagree with the government? 

  21. Dr0pkidd says:

    The thing is… in Texas she can actually win.

  22. Sandra Mendez says:

    Even without an education, you’re telling me someone can misspell agenda?
    Does she know what spell check, google, or even what a dictionary is?

  23. BroTheDude says:

    All those liberal socialists with their fancy book learnin’ and brain

  24. InfectedByEli says:

    “At least two of the Republican candidates running for the Texas State
    Board of Education indicated in a conservative voter’s guide that they
    don’t believe the Texas State Board of Education should have any authority
    over how children are educated.”


    You see? This is exactly why you shouldn’t fuck your sister … or mother
    … especially if they are one and the same person.

  25. Solipsism says:

    Sure glad this show isn’t just a circle jerk of liberal democrats agreeing
    with eachother about how the government will save them from all the scary
    things out there. Thank you government for educating our children.

  26. Breaking News 24x7 says: