Evicting tenants after foreclosure

Evicting tenants after foreclosure
However, lenders should understand their statutory rights and responsibilities prior to evicting tenants after foreclosure. The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (“PTFA”), a federal law enacted in 2009, required lenders to take foreclosed …
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City Council seeking stronger protections for tenants
One piece of legislation, introduced by Brooklyn Democrat Jumaane Williams, would make tenants aware of their rights when they are offered buyouts, and would make it illegal for tenants to be contacted about getting bought out without being notified in …
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Ontario Reminding Student Renters About Their Rights and Responsibilities
As more than 600,000 university and college students across Ontario are preparing to go back to school, many of whom are becoming renters off-campus for the first time, Ontario is reminding students to understand their rights and responsibilities as …
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We need new laws protecting the rights of both landlords and tenants
The steps the government is taking to enforce stricter private sector and investment laws should be praised. For example, the laws on issuing bad checks have been made more stringent so that anyone who writes a bad check will think twice before doing …
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