Feighan, Naughten, Kelly – Roscommon Hospital Crisis

TD’s Frank Feighan, Denis Naughten and Senator John Kelly address the people at the hospital meeting in Roscommon 30/6/2011.
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  1. celticlofts says:

    That scumbag Frank Feighan should resign. He chose his party over the
    people and he’ll pay the price for that. A bullet is to good for that

  2. gerryirl says:

    Pity you didn’t get the bit with John Kelly telling us about his local taxi
    driver Abdul that says there are loads of doctors in Pakistan that would
    love to work here.. What a plank..I’ve heard 5 year olds able to talk
    better.. An don’t get me started on the Fine Gael liars

  3. The Captain says:

    @gerryirl Yes, i looked through the footage but we missed that bit. Misses

  4. sam270173 says:

    Feighan and Kelly only interested in their own party politics and not
    people of Roscommon. At least Deputy Naughten had the decency to vote
    against the Government on this issue.

  5. Philip Mullen says:

    of the 3 men only one has balls. you should have caused a by election denis
    and you wouldnt have needed to canvas you would have walked it . feighan is
    a runt, gobshite ,bollox, wanker, prick and above all a TRAITOR to his
    people. kelly is irrelevant, a senator, another name for a failure.

  6. crossguns1947 says:

    This man lied