Felony Friendly Companies

The companies listed below are not an guarantee that as a felon you will be hired.We’d recommend checking out Gigs Daily for more local, smaller business opportunities.
Every company has it’s own individual policy. A lot of companies do not hire you based on your felony conviction. For those that have been convicted of rape, child molestation, sexual assault, aggravated assault or certain drug crimes, they may never see the likes of being on the payroll of any of these companies. To get their hopes up thinking that they have a chance at employment is just plain wrong.
Crimes of theft, dishonesty and fraud, such as shoplifting, embezzlement, selling or receiving stolen goods and robbery and/or bank robbery have a slim to none chance of working somewhere that takes credit cards or deals with financial information which includes retail. Once again, it is just plain wrong to lump every felon together and give them hope that they can reach out to these companies and have an even playing field. Due diligence will save them time and embarrassment as for many having already been stigmatized as a convicted felon carries much weight.