“Gun Permit Application in New Jersey”

I went to my town of Kearny NJ police department and this is what happened. I have 5 papers to fill out just for a gun permit application. It is a joke. Most states don’t have to go through all this.


  1. picotte58 says:

    That is the mental health form….save the PDF so you have copies…

  2. Jose Padilla says:

    This is insane. 

  3. Patrick Millar says:

    I sent mine in to Kearny a year ago, honest to God March 2014, I checked in
    October I was told that all my paperwork came back fine its on the chiefs
    desk waiting for him to sign it. I went back today, told same thing still
    on chiefs desk waiting for him to sign it…1 year and counting.. I find it
    amazing as most of the Kearny Police department are very good at what they
    do. I actually wrote to the local paper advising how impressed I was with
    the police presence on the streets and the work they do. Obviously their
    administration is another story all together, they must take their cue from
    Hudson County administration, these folks are not worth the paycheck they
    are cashing. Talk about arrogant too, I always speak politely, I do respect
    law enforcement, but anytime I had to talk to this individual its like you
    are bothering him and you are some kind of idiot.

  4. Katie Collens says:

    Nj have the most strict gun law in America.

  5. BlindShooter Declan says:

    I know how you feel we have to deal with the same BS here in nyc. Is it
    really as easy as showing your id in nj to buy a rifle?

  6. Lee Greger says:

    Great video, Brother, I understand I moved to Toms River about a year ago
    and I hate it. I lived in Nebraska in the Capitol City of Lincoln and had a
    Concealed Handgun Permit. I carried every day, I even had a 17 round
    magazine full of those evil hollow points. I shot 3 times on my vacation so
    far for $8 a time and 9mm range ammo is only $12 and change best thing is I
    can handle anything I want without Permit. So when are the natives of
    Jersey going to start demanding their Constitutional Rights?

  7. vibra64 says:

    Take the shit background “music” off the video!! 

  8. Luke Browne says:

    Can someone post a link to the mental sheet (2nd one)?

  9. Jabba Wabba says:

    How long is the process? (I plan to apply when i’m 18. Is that a smart
    choice at that age, or should I wait? 

  10. MAZAWAKHAN says:

    The easiest way to obtain a firearm in NJ is to sell your house and move to
    a free state. I left that shithole in 89 and have never looked back.

  11. Anthony P says:

    Holy shit – you need REFERRALS? WTF? I used to go to KHS and loved that
    town. It’s a joke the crap you have to go through to have a carry license.
    Another reason why I love Ohio. What a shame. Jersey’s become quite a
    shithole and killing your 2nd Amendment. 

  12. Guido Torres says:

    What you’re saying is true. It’s sad to realize that concealed carry
    permits aren’t being considered at all. I called my local police dept. and
    he pretty much dismissed any possibility of getting it since i have no
    affiliation to law enforcement. So my 8 years in the military and weapon
    familiarization does nothing for these guys. I love NJ but man do these
    guys make it tough.

  13. bill hac says:

    garbage?…….or fire starter??? … dont forget to recycle haha

  14. me2456 says:

    yay nj you fucking piece of shit state! one more year and im outta here! 

  15. Kenny NationZ says:

    I just moved to jersey and just like my man said, is a hassle .. that’s why
    I’m moving back to Texas. 

  16. Tahirih Caban says:

    Damn how far back do they search for your mental health records? Otherwise
    im screwed, lol

  17. Jahovas Whiteness says:

    I live in NJ too, so if you want a shotgun/rifle here do you need to fill
    out any paperwork or is it just a background check at the FFL?

  18. The Ghost Patroit APAC says:

    How long did it take for u to get your cards because I’m going thru the
    process now in North arlington.

  19. ecuaplaya1426 says:

    I don’t think is much of a hassle, the state is simply trying to avoid any
    one who doesn’t deserve to carry to be denied. I few paper application to
    be filled is not a big deal. In fact, to purchase a house or apply for loan
    is much more expensive and complicated. Also, for college students to
    receive financial aid or scholarship have to fill a lot more documents.
    Therefore, just to complete 4 to 6 forms isn’t really that much of a
    hassle. Also, a job application requires more of an efforts. So, take it
    easy, is not a hassle at all. Think about the big picture, safety first. 

  20. johnny albit says:

    Too bad that shit music is playing. Can’t concentrate on the damn

  21. Watch Ryder says:

    The music adds to the rightful-rage against the gun laws.

  22. Alex Sweet says:

    New Jersey suck balls

  23. Rose Q. says:

    This process is ridiculous. No way do I want to let my employer know that I
    have a pistol. If it’s concealed, shouldn’t it be private? It should only
    be between me and the government.