How To Dress For Career Success: Tips From Image Expert Erin Miller

Making the switch from jeans and t-shirts or sweatpants and hoodies to appropriate business attire can be stressful. After dressing casual for so long, putting on a suit can kind of feel like raiding your parents’ closet.

What do business formal, business casual and casual dress for students and new graduates look like?

In this video tutorial, image expert and long-time recruiter Erin Miller ( explains a number of options in each style for both men and women. Each outfit was carefully selected for students and new grads by Erin from Banana Republic’s Bloor Street store in downtown Toronto.

Special thanks to our models from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management: Commerce students Peter Hu, Herry Dai, Erina Paluka and Teresa Lam.
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  1. hannah136 says:

    Yuk! I would never ever wear none of her combinations. It's old-fashioned and it's not going to get you noticed or promoted any time soon. Have you ever seen a power woman or a young promising woman CEO show up at the office wearing this crap (pardon my French!)?! No way!

  2. Ainzho says:

    Your models are so akward

  3. David James says:

    I wear button up shirts and ties almost every day by choice, when I attend school and teach music lessons. This video is terrible, and petty.

  4. Alexander Clayton says:

    His suit is way too big a size or 2 smaller would look great. He just looks like a used car salesman with that.

  5. 21dan21 says:

    And when she says: you wouldn't want to be embarrassed when he walks in. She also means she. CEOs can be women too.

  6. Brasco says:

    i like the business casual for men.

  7. Queer Nomads says:

    You must not have been listening. The speaker said suits should be tailored to fit after purchasing, which is always true. Every professional attire I've bought were a little baggy or long until I get it fit just right.