Innocence Project Event – The Wrongfully Convicted

Innocence Project Event - The Wrongfully Convicted

Seventeen people who served decades in prison for crimes they didn’t commit were honored in April, 2007 at an Innocence Project Event. These are their stories. Learn more at
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  1. Phillip Galey says:

    , . . . hopefully, . . . the police and prosecutors are helping to correct their mistakes, . . .

  2. Jose Olivares says:

    I can't belive this shit happens. The system needs to change

  3. gjc82071 says:

    I often wonder not only how many innocent people are in prison @ any given time, but how many are on death row & most importantly how many have been executed, or, "murdered". IMO the execution of an innocent human being, is "murder". I also believe that an "innocent" person, sentenced to prison or death, has a god given right to do whatever they can, any & EVERYTHING up to & including the taking of as many lives as necessary, to free themselves from their illegal captors/kidnappers/murderers.

  4. Scott C says:

    Here's the way things really are….States know that people are being free-cased. They just don't care. The system will cover for itself until ALOTof media starts digging. Why? You can say it's to stop 'POTENTIAL' crime from occuring or whatever reason you like. But, also look at the profit margin from rapidly growing prison industries. Guess who gets released early? The inmates that cause trouble. Why? Cause the state will get more tax dollars for re-arresting them later. It's all about $!

  5. LMNGRL88 says:

    Innocent people go to prison way more often than people would like to think

  6. the springthunderboxer says:

    Judge puts someone in jail despite obvious evidence that judge and everyone involved should be sentenced as well

  7. herbii says:

    agreed! what about those who didn't committ murder? who are in prison for burglary or robbery or theft? those who got 5,10,or 20 years? atleast they have an end in sight, but are stil labeled a 'criminal'. jurors put to much trust in the justice system.. it just angers me to no end what these ppl are going thru..and worse, when one person is innocent and not even a best friend or family member believes that they are innocent b/c the evidence is so overwhelming… thats just gotta suck!

  8. herbii says:

    Shaking a baby?? uh..thats old news. Shaken baby syndrome (If thats what happened) is a sham.. it doesn't exist and is something that cant be proven…your "brother in law" doesn't belong just for the very reason he is there for shaking a baby.. I'm so sorry to hear that.. the single worse thing that can happen to the human race, in my opinion is going to Prison when you are innocent! there is no greater sadness, cruelty, flaw, corruption, disease, sickness, disability, rape or injustice!

  9. Fred Caldwell says:

    There is an item of evidence that could be DNA tested in her case but the IP DENIED to do that. Why?
    They wouldn't even tell us. Type Cheri Dale into the search bar and read how incredible her case was. She's now on her 13th year of 26 to life for a crime she had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with. – her main alibi witness, tricked into not testifying for her at trial.

  10. manning man says:

    up to 25 years wrongfully spent in prison this is so horrible. what compensation do they get?

  11. Lori Walsh says:

    Yeah that's right, rip up those fuckin numbers! You're free now thanks to the Innocence Project. What a wonderful cause.

  12. WM T says:

    Shocking. It's even more shocking that there is no doubt that innocent people are being executed,

  13. Annette Watts-Blankenship says:

    How can the US execute anyone? There are innocent people still in prisons that need to be freed, home with families. Can you imagine what the families go thru?

  14. Annette Watts-Blankenship says:

    Thank goodness for the innocent project. Thank you for help freeing innocent inmates. Keep up the fantastic work. Everyone needs to know about the Innocent Project.

  15. zo10 says:

    The whole nation needs to see this