Innocence Project – Jerry Miller

Illinois exoneree Jerry Miller discusses his 1982 wrongful conviction and the 24 years he was incarcerated for a crime DNA now proves he didn’t commit. Jerry was the 200th person exonerated by DNA testing nationwide – learn more at
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  1. Stormygray123 says:

    So what are they doing to those prosecutors who lie to destroy innocent lives?

  2. ticks4ticks4 says:

    @lauren5930 Yes, very sad, unfortunate, and DESPICABLE that some people are actualy okay with that!

  3. Raquel says:

    Something must be done about this. Rather for 10 people who committed a crime to still be walking the streets the 1 innocent person to be lock up not only are they locked up, but damn they be lock up for so lock. And some people are actually ok with that.

  4. redmustang03 says:

    In Dallas, there have been 15 people exonerated because of DNA.