Marvel’s Agent Carter – Dress For Success, Part 1

Learn more about how costume designer Giovanna Ottobre-Melton combines vintage clothing and creates new outfits for Hayley Atwell on “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” airing Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on ABC!

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Dress for Success

ABC’s Lana Zak on how clothing affects your perception on the world and how others see you.


  1. hulkhatepunybanner says:

    This was a great mini-series. Marvel and ABC should do more mini-series.

  2. briannaknt says:

    I'm so in love with this show, I really hope we get a second season!!

  3. jomi025 says:

    Loved Peggy's dresses, especially the purple one. 🙂

  4. Jensonsational says:

    1:09 I bought her that dress after we stormed Normandy on D-day!!!!! I'm sooooo glad that she kept it after all these years! Aww Peggy <3

  5. onlyforyou127 says:

    What a treat for the actors to wear vintage pieces!

  6. Owen Kocis says:

    I freakin love agent carter

  7. Nocturnem says:

    I absolutely love this show, and the costumes are amazing!

  8. 2012XF3 says:

    9 people would rather see Arrow take off his shirt show his abs..

  9. AfonsodelCB says:

    Honestly? I'm guessing they didn't try very hard, but she looks terrible with that wig and dress. that dress in general looks shite.

  10. Slingblade87 says:

    Ms. Ottobre-Melton does a fantastic job on #AgentCarter . Hayley Atwell always looks so classy and beautiful in the 1940's attire, so do the other women and the men look dashing. Honestly, the clothes, music, cars, sets and everything else create an authentic 1946 New York vibe that makes the show so much fun.

    We REALLY need a Season 2 of this show.

  11. Kim Brunner says:

    So neat to see how it's done for a period show with so much action! Love the bts videos!!

  12. dw4zemi3 says:

    last episode was awesome

  13. juandeldiablo696 says:

    Peggy is amazing hot!!

  14. Vaughn Baskin says:

    Where In The World Is Hayley Atwell?!

  15. ViTverd says:

    That is the person whom to blame for the disgrace which dressed Soviet soldiers and officers! Uniforms in the best traditions of Rocky IV, Rambo 3, the Red Scorpions and other propaganda slag which filmed during the Cold War. Apparently the military consultant takes so much money that the budget of the series it is not enough.

  16. Alicia Hernandez says:

    They need to do a clothes line for agent carter

  17. Jeroen says:


  18. Shani Fox says:

    Please give us a season 2!!

  19. snake says:

    Don't know which show is more pointless, agents of shield or agent Carter … This is rescources and time wasted, they could be giving us what we want , like a punisher,ghost rider ,Elektra tv show

  20. Kyle William Livingston says:


  21. Liv says:

    over a million subscribers but only 19 likes… BRUH

  22. Lindsay LeCain says:

    Enclothed cognition….This is great. Totally true.

  23. SethAndrew says:

    Lana Zak is Amazing!

  24. bulbinking says:

    I hate bias.

  25. Dale Jigsaw says: