Mississippi Roads | Innocence Project | MPB

Mississippi Roads | Innocence Project | MPB

The Innocence Project began in 1992 by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. They saw that across the country, holes in the judicial system led to innocent people getting locked up in prison. Many had life sentences and some were even put on death row for crimes they did not commit. So far 232 men across the country, with 4 from Mississippi have been freed. After a combined 63 years in prison these four men are finally free.



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Marvin Anderson served 15 years in prison in Virginia for a crime he didn’t commit. In this short interview, he talks about his arrest and conviction and the day the Innocence Project told him his evidence had been located and would prove his innocence.
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  1. rodney white says:

    there is so many people who is locked up for bs thaY DID NOT DO

  2. evolvingwisdom says:

    all the hours of free labor while in prison…who pays them for that. i mean no one can pay for the time . the years they were to be raising their children and in love iwth their wife and participating males in their families…uncle, father, brother, son cousin, family member. what a waste of precious time for the entire country . in this country some adults behave like foolish infants.. so sad

  3. myloridarlin says:

    So many wrongful convictions in Mississippi. Please free Jeffrey Havard! A non-DNA related case, with testimony from Steven Hayne convicting him!

  4. cinesimonj says:

    Really looking forward to the documentary 'Mississippi Innocence'.
    Anyone know when it comes out?

  5. Zurround100 says:

    if there was any justice in this world he would be awarded fifteen million dollars tax free compensaiont money from the state he deserves at least that.

  6. ThaSweetHart says:

    What kind of dumb ass puts ONE colored picture in an array of black and white photos? Just stupid.