Mother of Police Officer in Deadly South Carolina Shooting – INTERVIEW

Officer Michael Slager’s mother says she cries deeply for the family of Walter Scott.

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  1. Deemaree Dubois says:

    Police officers are NOT above the law. They should be held to a HIGHER STANDARD. This cop knew this man was unarmed as Mr Scott had pulled no weapon. Other than struggling with the cop before the video begins, this man had not shown any aggression to this officer. He was running away as fast as he could. I don't think Mr Scott realized he was running for his life. The cop shot him with each bullet IN THE BACK. How could he get on the stand and claim he felt he was in danger? Really? From a man running as hard as he could to get away from you? The cop moved evidence, the taser, and planted the taser near Mr Scott. This ex-cop is GUILTY AS SIN and we all know it. Mr Scott and his family deserve justice. If you notice I don't use the ex-cop's name. That is because I believe in my heart after his next trial he will just be an INMATE NUMBER. One hold out on the jury the first trial. The prosecution needs to do a better job while questioning potential jurors to make sure he has not chosen one that knew how he would vote BEFORE hearing the evidence. My sympathies to Mr Scott's mom, children, family, and friends.

  2. Tamara Hill says:

    blacklivematter these white police get away with killing us everyday a black person cnt do shit without get charges our live matter we all the same people just different color

  3. MirroringTruth says:

    Oh honey…They are going to take care of him in prison. They love ex-cops there >.<

  4. Reginald Worthington says:

    Karen Sharpe !, your son is a murderous coward. He should rot in jail.

  5. Diego Duarte says:

    Watching these videos they're so sure that justice will be served, but now we know that's not the case.

  6. Ash Ashan says:

    they show the devils mother in the same video WTF phuck her and her devil son a murderer no difference in Amierkkka …

  7. 1pilot2000 says:

    Michael Slager is a murdering, corrupt, remorseless, and soulless piece of evil pathology!  Michael Slager needs to burn in Hell for all of eternity!

  8. Lady Kandyce says:

    bitch ur stupid ass son locked up not dead stfu with all that fake ass crying

  9. Yo Nas says:

    time to bare arms black America!!! Its coming!!!

  10. Joe Jones says:

    This piece of shit just got off. When are we going to start fighting back?

  11. steven rite says:

    Justified homicide!!! Justice is served!!! Support our law enforcement! This is a great day!!!!!

  12. Tim Brown says:

    Piece of shit.

  13. Crazy Trucker says:

    Your pain is about to start you fucking murdering piece of shit hope you get butt fucked every day by the biggest gayest black dude in that prison scumbag

  14. ray A-d says:

    If it was the other way around that man would have gotten a life sentence for shooting a cop .that's one fucked up system

  15. Ni *** R Please Productions says:

    WHERE AWWWWWWW MY NIGGAZ AT?!?!?!?!!!?!!!!?


    if people dont want to die, fucking listen to what your told

  17. Monkey Bum says:

    what a fake bitch no tears fuck him when he decided to kill he lost all prevleges wanting to know about his baby he wasn't thinking about his baby when he guned another human down was he. .

  18. Sandor Clegane says:

    We need a complete overhaul on the justice system. A new way to conduct oversight without the benefit of the doubt the cops get every time. The sick thing is that this behavior always goes unpunished. Sometimes they are rewarded with medals and promotions. Last year there were over 200+ officers who shot civilians in S.C. and every single one was cleared of any wrongdoing. Now, when they tell you they don't make mistakes when it comes to civilian death, you know they're bullshitting. I mean, not one single time has a cop been in the wrong? It's corrupt as fuck and pure evil what these pigs get away with. I'm sure even though there is video and this fucker was caught red handed, he will somehow be acquitted.

  19. GIANT Ent. says:

    so many black people are just getting killed and for what

  20. michael rogers says:

    the pig should be butt fucked in prison for the rest of his life. !!!!!