NAACP issues statement after man held in Joe McKnight fatal shooting released

The Westbank NAACP and representatives from Take Em Down NOLA will speak on the release of Ronald Gasser — the man initially held in the death of Joe McKnight.
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World Reacts To The Tragic Loss of Joe Mcknight

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The NFL world was shocked to find that former USC Trojan and New York Jets running back Joe McKnight was fatally shot in Terrytown, Louisiana. A witness reported that the shooter approached McKnight during an altercation at an intersection and said, “I told you, don’t f**k with me” before shooting him dead.

Louisiana native Tyrann Mathieu and former fellow Trojans Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart took to social media to express their condolences. More teammates and friends came out in support of their fallen brother. Joe McKnight was 28 years old at the time of his death.

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  1. randy lomas says:

    howcome i cant find anything on these naacp people…i notice how they all try to say their names real fast .. this really makes me mad how they make these stories up and people actually go along with it just for a few dollars… i guess in their mind they think its just acting.. but alot people fall for these types of hoax and go out to society and do something stupid bc of what they see on the news ..

  2. TPjudah lion says:

    That Sheriff should be fired!

  3. 350toocute says:

    Where is the NAACP when the black on white crime happens?Where  are they when the black on black crime happens in the new Orleans area each and every day?No one cares who they are or who they represent.Where were they at when those two black thugs in Marksville, La shot an killed a 6 yr old white kid?These maggots remind me of al Sharpton I bet if we had a NAAWP that woud be racist.

  4. Elijah cesspoole says:

    With the epidemic amounts of black on white crime, rapes, robberies,home invasions and general hostility, it´s easy to see that a predtor was taken out justifiably. Blacks are the most racist most hostile vulgar race on american soil, BAR NONE. He got what he deserved. He was playing high and mighty ready to beat or kill another person.
    You black devils are getting what is coming to you.

  5. eric scivicque says:

    Get a real job lady……………..

  6. dumwise says:

    My people are professional demonstrators and complainers

  7. BIZZY Mc says:

    and the jokes on us begin…

  8. James Burke says:

    It's dead wrong to shoot someone on the ground. I don't understand how that's justified.

  9. Abdulpete William says:

    y'all need to stand up in those black community where black are slaughtering each other

  10. Lonnie G. says:

    As usual, jumping to conclusions before all the facts have been determined. Racial tensions ALWAYS will exist not because of black and white but because of IGNORANCE!!

  11. elsbeth73 says:

    I feel with you my brothers, enough is enough

  12. Angelo Trikoyias says:

    Trumps not in office

  13. SifuMcIlwrath says:

    race baiting again by the media..

  14. korosion dickay says:

    all of you are hypocrites, if this were two regular black men this would not even be on the news nor would the naacp be involved

  15. Nellen Jordan says:

    Why do they come out to speak on justice that we don't get . And if we get some justice they only give them a little time. And the funny thing is they gave you the justice by telling and they are showing you what justice you gonna get. Why ask the devil for ice water that you are not gonna get. Black people how meany times they have to tell you, you are nothing to them. These whites are no playing game with us. Don't go to them we need to call a serious meeting unto ourselves and come up with a plan, these white like to see us beg for our rights. And this why when you say its not about white or blacks , well let me tell you they don't its not about white or black, they say bump that mess get meany blacks as you can. Your modern day hanging, they use to grab one of us and take us to the streets and all the whites would gether in the streets to see the hanging of our people, now they can watch it on their TV and laugh and have a victory party! So stop going on TV and asking for justice, something you know we want get! Yes I'm what some would call black, but I got more knowledge then you people, not to ho to the devil for anything. We will keep getting killed in the streets until we come together. By !

  16. ogbabyace says:

    ***BREAKING NEWS************
    Man who shot former NFL player Joe McKnight charged with manslaughter.

    HARVEY, La. — The man who fatally shot former NFL player Joe McKnight has been arrested and jailed on a charge of manslaughter.

    Jail records show 54-year-old Ronald Gasser was arrested late Monday.

    Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand has called a news conference for 10 a.m. Tuesday to discuss the case.

    Gasser who was released last week without charges pending further investigation of McKnight’s death.

  17. Daomus S says:

    Yes he was released. Innocent have that happen to them all the time. Innocent until proven guilty

  18. Fitness Life says:

    2016 and we still in the same spot from decades ago!

  19. Erica says:

    Where in the world are these people when blacks kill each other everyday?!!! This is beyond frustrating!!! 🙄😠 I can't take it. What is happening to our country? If a white person kills a black person, it's always considered racist. Road rage is a thing, don't they know that?!

  20. Shain Caldwell says:

    These folks are just making this up. A football player vs this little guy, his life has in danger. How do these people know what was said and happened? There were no witnesses other than the race baiting lying witness. s

    They sound
    Folks really need to start being held accountable for the inciting anger intentional misinformation in their comments.

  21. Still Balling says:

    Love and support for you man

  22. cyrus kibui says:

    Rip Joe Mckinght.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😳😳

  23. April Cole says:


  24. Connor Newman says:

    I don't know much about joe but nobody deserves to die

  25. MR. COOL says:

    RIP to Joe McKnight

  26. MR. COOL says:

    RIP to Joe McKnight

  27. jimmychochogames 1 says:

    So sad y God did this he's my man and bro #rip brah

  28. Grant's Vlogs says:

    R.i.p McKnight

  29. Fitu Toomalatai says:

    fight on

  30. Roman Twigg says:


  31. Україна Fredo SSR says:

    R.I.P. Joe, we will never forget you brother. burn in hell racist people of American.

  32. Kenny VS Gaming The Spongegar says:

    everybody see that in 2016 more people are getting killed WE NEED 2017 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Antonio Gantes says:


  34. Isaiah Nolan says:

    😪😪😪😪😪 R.I.P McKnight your were my idol for RB

  35. Gavin T says:


  36. Denny B07 says:


  37. dawson says:

    he obviously cut the guy off then probably drove like he owned the road let that be a lesson to shitty drivers you don't know who your pissing off then this happens if he drove his car and was courteous maybe he'd be alive he didn't deserve to die but he did and that's a fact so drive well lol

  38. TrueBOI says:

    Rest In Peace Joe Mcknight :(