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Closet floor clear… (Resuming the room defrag)
Image by raider3_anime
"And yea, there was a great rejoicing throughout the land. For one brief, shining moment in time, all people on this earth were truly one. There was a noticeable change in the flow of karma, and things seemed to be looking up…"

Don’t get too excited. My hand’s been kind of forced. I had to clear out the closet floor, and the upper crawl space above the top shelf, because we’re having people come in to go under, and possibly above, the house to do major heating and air conditioning duct work. It’s rather cool in this house, even when the heater’s going at a decent rate.

So, I’m boxing and bagging up stuff, and moving it, or getting rid of a few things.

Better late than never – There’s still about a month left in 2010, and the project continues until the room is presentable, and I have space to put some of the recent acquisitions from this year somewhere where they can be displayed, but not risking destruction or loss.

BART service resumes after strike
Image by Steve Rhodes
BART strike demotix

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