Officer Michael Slager Charged With Murder After Shooting Black Man

North Charleston Police Officer Michael T. Slager, was arrested and charged with murder Tuesday after video showed him fatally shooting a fleeing, unarmed black man in the back, His bond was denied because a Magistrate doesn’t have authority to set bail on a murder charge.

Officer Michael T. Slager, 33, can be seen shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott after a confrontation on Saturday.
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  1. aqualung2092 says:

    This is why police hate cameras.

  2. aqualung2092 says:

    He will probably get a promotion for this.

  3. King Lyric says:

    The planting of evidence is enough for me to say my faith in law enforcement is gone. If I'm minding my business and they approach me with the fuckery it's not going to go how they think.

  4. Cage Dollaz says:

    to king of Pepsi he was running away you cocksucker

  5. Kate Mackenzie says:

    Watching too much tv! And playing too many computer games! That's all it seems to take these days!

  6. LeLe Underwood says:


  7. Ian Lloy says:

    Naw…he went back and retrived his wallet so that his family could buy groceries….he's a nice cop who shot a bad man…that's all.

  8. Abrar Ahmed says:

    I hope Slager gets raped daily in jail. As a white man I am disgusted by his cowardly and evil actions.

  9. InspectorBSDetector says:

    That was a justifiable shoot. Scott took the officer's taser and fired it at him. It's obvious in the slow mo video that Scott was making a throwing gesture as the taser hit the ground behind the officer and the cartridge was attached to Scott's leg as he ran with the taser prongs attached to the officer. The prongs didn't disengage from the officer until he had fired 2 or 3 shots. He'll be acquitted and then get a sizable payout from the city for throwing him under the bus, from his union for failing to represent him and from the courts for violating his civil rights by making him sit in jail for 9 months for no good cause.

  10. Lord Walker says:

    Killer !!!

  11. Bjm Kids says:

    It's a shame what this officer had to do… But this nigger caused his own death by his own action!!!!

  12. Caveat Emptor says:

    its about time one of them get charged

  13. Renota Johns says:

    He are all officers are really demoniacs. They take life because they truly believe there God. And they be getting away with it for years. And the officer will not be sentence he will be acquitted like all the rest of those murdering officers.

  14. Erik Markos says:

    Fuck the Police gun that cop down and all of the others that are like him.

  15. Martin Sage says:

    Charging this Bad Cop with murder puts faith back into a justice system that frankly I gave up on. Yesterday I saw a video of a White homeless man being executed by 4 LAPD Cops in Dntn Los Angeles. Why do I say executed….because the man was face down on the street with one Cop sitting on his head and the other 3 Cops backed off from holding down the man before the 1 Cop fired 3-4shots into this helpless man's back. Today I read that the family of a Black man in Ingelwood, CA. who was shot 6 times in the back running away from a Cop and then shot dead at close range once more were awarded $875,000,000 usd BUT NO CHARGES were filed against this Bad Cop. In the old wild west movies they always looked down on guys who shot someone in the back but today this seems to be standard procedure for Cowardly Cops. I hope this man gets the Max.Penalty–Death to scare the @#%& out of LE across the land.

  16. Geo T says:

    This was a blatant killing (what was he thinking?) but don't pretend that all blacks are innocent victims when they're shot. You have to check out each case. I wonder how many younger people remember the 1994 Rwanda massacre? That was black on black genocide and nearly a million may have died. White cops don't have the corner on killing blacks, it's just been a recent media frenzy. A good number of cops have been killed in the coldest possible ways, so it's almost like a gang war.

  17. 1ELTIBURONN says:

    you  are  so  so   so   so  so   ugly !!!       damn  !!!

  18. russkaine says:

    Someone that doesnt pay child support and is running from the cops deserves to die, white, black, or any race.

  19. Jane Powell says:

    if you flashed a flashlight up this guys nose ,you would be able to see the back of his eyeballs lol.

  20. Jane Powell says:

    does this guy have to talk like buckwheats father,we can see your black ass ,you dont need to act like a plantation worker back in the 40s.