Officer Michael Slager FREE After Posting $500,000 Bail Bond

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  1. Paloma San Basilio says:

    500k ?!?! Where did he get all that money? He is not even 35. Just askin'

  2. Toure' The Gatekeeper! says:

    Hey the old saying is true," Bullshit walks , Money Talks"! Officer Slager will be acquitted of all charges and be given time served and back on the force shortly after the trail, watch and see people.

  3. batonrouge5150 says:

    they have good docs in jail…this dude not gone get convicted right

  4. npphil says:

    He will be acquiited in 3… 2… 1…

  5. Brandt McCall says:

    Due to the severity of the crime this man should have received bail. The judge's judgement is very questionable on this matter. I agree Slager should not have been a cop in the first place how do people with obvious mental health issues pass police screening, likely as the screening isn't complete and thorough. All of life is precious, Slager has yet to show remorse as well, many people would feel so sad for taking another person's life, and wish to make amends but Slager seems to have no moral code.

  6. Jacob Hodges says:

    The man has a right to post bail stop hatein, all individuals are innocent till proven guilty

  7. Feminist of The Month says:

    Seems like JMiller doesn't know the bail bond system. 10% is same for everyone.

  8. China Oralee says:

    he should be locked up

  9. Max Welter says:

    Slager didn't "basically murdered Scott!" HE MURDERED HIM! This is murder. No defense. No way out. Rot in prison Slager.

  10. Joe Thompson says:

    For murder? Not good!

  11. HighFrequencyBlade Raiden says:

    What??? He shot that 57 year old man at the back like a coward all because that man tried to grab his taser and kept on running. Moments later he got charged with murder, and now he's free? That shit makes no damn sense It makes the system look bad …REALLY BAD. Thanks to the dumbass judge to give him a privilege that doesn't know jack shit.

  12. Charles Reinhart says:

    fuck you slager and your entire family,dirty pig

  13. stheday1 says:

    The judge who allowed the bail is a cunt and will face justice himself sooner or later. God is Good and he will make sure of that.

  14. 18266609 says:

    cops hardly ever get in trouble. the proof is in the pudding.

  15. A Robinson says:

    white privilege

  16. Pete 1 says:

    It's cuz he was one of them pigs

  17. Jovy !!!!!!! says:

    That guy looks healthy as a horse. they were just saying he had health problems just so so public and have sympathy. This is another example of white preivlage.

  18. pisces69 says:

    Love this justice system!

  19. david sanders says:

    Do not believe he should have been allowed a bond option, however…please learn more about bond procedures. Other than that, he seems to be a dirt bag and luckily was caught on camera. Hopefully he will be found guilty when his case goes to trial.

  20. brandothamaka1190 says:

    The benefits of a fucking cop…..