On The Job Training (Broward County Sheriff)

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  1. jabba0975 says:

    "Why do you want my name and badge number?" "So I can file a complaint!" Duh.

  2. Dr. Dick Fitzwell says:

    And the pigs wonder why people don't respect their profession.

  3. william phillips says:

    I used to work on alot of trucks across the street there when I worked at Fleet Service…

  4. John Young says:

    I will also call my supervisor. 🙂

  5. Paul Jr says:

    I guess that cop didn't get the memo.

  6. etherraichu says:

    So im guessing you turned this evidence in to the police, like he said to in the beginning, and they spared no expense to ensure it won't happen again?

    Seriously though, could you imagine? Actually doing what they said? If people did what they said, the world would be great

  7. Anna Pitman says:

    How do officers not know the difference between what the law requires and what "they want"?

  8. Gary Sanchez says:

    browards got some mutha fuckin pigs

  9. uber Sodat says:

    Awe, did you hurt his little feelings. Good job flexing your rights.

  10. Rick Karbash says:

    That black dep has what sounds like a Carribbean or Haitian accent. Just what America needs – more cops who don't have respect for our Constitution because they left some third world shit hole!

  11. troy hrabec says:

    they block the road to talk  ,,,,,,,,,,,dumb fucking cops has nothing else to do but to wast your time for nothing in dagnerin others drive on the road for nothing hats off and two fingers up 

  12. kinggocool500 says:

    taking up the side-walk is a crime… " The cops asking me questions, and say me talking to him and standing their is a crime, isn't it only a crime is your standing in the Street," ( hell is it a crime if you have to tie your shoe and then talk , maybe take 20 mins to tie your shoe.. as your standing their because the cops going harass you anyway, which has seen from other videos)
     Because your right in front of me, and you don't have the right really when you getting paid by our taxes, you have the right to force us beat us and then act as if you didn't do anything wrong so for a name and number, shouldn't be hard to give…

  13. Terry Buholm says:

    Just go do your job.

  14. Marc Rogue says:

    Keep up the good work man, I promise if u ever get locked up for something like this I will be the first one to go and protest, the system's gotta change. Police officer are here to protect and serve and they are not the law they just enforce it

  15. bill NELSON says:

    My hats off to you Jeff .I could never be that polite to some one in a position to know better and yet acts as if he just crawled out from under a rock or just crossed the border.

  16. Thor Parkour TraceUnity says:

    This is right near my house.. lol

  17. Going Coastal says:

    Q: "Do you have a permit to take pictures of the jail?"

    A: "Yes. It's called the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."

  18. Strange Fruit says:

    1:58 – ha ha ha , too lazy to even get out of their air-conditioned cars !
    Just sit there with the engines running and shout like toddlers !!

  19. Codenamelumiere says:

    Yet they ignore the crime that is taking place right above their heads. Those are not clouds.

  20. APR1125 says:

    Exactly… drive away. Next time, don't stop.  😉

    End of today's lesson.