Pistol permit forms for New Jersey

This video explains the difference between the Town of kearny and the Town of Lyndhurst New Jersey. The towns are about 2 miles apart and they have different time frame on how long they take…
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  1. MyHollowpoint says:

    All that mess is just plain crazy. Sorry about your problems, it just isn’t
    right in a “free” country.

  2. ebomey says:

    What is living in a foreign country like?

  3. djalkaline1 says:

    You are still getting fucked but just not as bad bro your old town was some
    bullshit on permits. Glad you got a new address that lets you exercise
    your rights much easier

  4. Jason Chandler says:

    That’s fucked up I live in Florida and I can walk into a gun store and take
    home the gun that day

  5. stainlessfour5 says:


  6. hazman440 says:

    WTF ! … I’m soooo glad I live in the “great” state of Ohio. I feel for
    you all there Rob.

  7. The Lone Patriot 111 says:

    Holy Fuck ,Long Island not that bad

  8. bbmize says:

    Thats freaking retarded. I agree with ebomey. Sounds like a foreign
    country. Man…I feel for you. No American should have to be treated like a
    criminal or foreign national.

  9. ShotgunShooter666 says:

    Same concept here in NY. Luckily, I got mine before the crap happened.
    People now are waiting over a year just to get an appointment to hand in
    application. Absolutely ridiculous. The FID sounds like a bigger pain.

  10. predawndeath says:

    Lots and lots of burning hoops to jump thru.

  11. Steve Parsec says:

    My permit is the constitution

  12. Greg Smith - TheShermandale says:

    Wow. Hate it for you. Mississippi is pretty easy.

  13. Louis42690 says:

    Nj got in trouble for adding forms other than the state forms that you
    print from online

  14. Izzy P says:

    I just applied for a purchase and REGISTRATION permit and I had to pay $20
    bucks on the internet for my own backround check.. then submit that and all
    the other paper work to my local PD.

  15. UnrulyTenEight says:

    Fuck. That.

  16. David Lang says:

    Come to texas man. If your drivers license has your current info. Depending
    on how busy the place is, in and out in 20 mins. Only one paper to make
    sure your not a felon… 

  17. conga619 NJ says:

    I did my paper work in North Bergen and that was 7 Months ago for my FID
    permit and im still waiting had to contact the detective that was handling
    my papers now he told me to more weeks, well let see

  18. IntheLowcountry says:

    Damn that’s a lot of bullshit! I am so glad I moved from New Jersey to
    South Carolina