Prison Ministry Outreach – February 2013, Gatesville, TX

Pastor Melva Henderson and her traveling companions traveled to Gatesville, TX to visit and minister to women in the prison system.


  1. gregory loiselroy says:

    shared prayers for all ladies to all unit TDC Gatesville Texas.

  2. GodsPerfectWord says:


  3. bigdaddyangel73 says:

    we all make mistakes in life doesnt mean all who make mistakes are evil yes some are .. but the ones with god in there hearts will be forgivin for there mistakes

  4. Mary Overcash says:

    Posting this to my Facebook page with the prayer that many will be moved to compassion, encouraged to pray, and others to realize their possible potential in prison ministry … maybe writing pen pal letters, perhaps, making visits, or committing to leading a Bible study! I will be keeping track of the Likes, the Comments, and the Shares. Thank you for your ministry. Mary Overcash, Willmar, MN

  5. TheEleventhH0ur says:

    God bless you so beloved! You, mighty woman of God..May our Lord continually bless you with strength and boldness and may He rain down His supernatural favor upon you, your family and this wonderful ministry, In Jesus Name-Thank you, John "Chaplain Cage" Griffin

  6. gregory loiselroy says:

    great video.

  7. Melva Henderson says:

    Shout out to Etola Media & Graphics for an awesome job editing this video. God bless you! (