Beyond The Conviction

Street Address: 1734 East 63rd Street, Suite 301
Services City: Kansas City
State: Missouri (and other states)
Postcode: 64110
Contact Phone: 816-842-4975
Fax: 816-842-4976
Job Placement, Career Development, Housing, Expundgement of Criminal Records, Driver License Re-Instatement, Child Support Modification….and much more. We have a DVD that has vital information guaranteed to increase your job placement and life/job barrier reductions by 80%. This DVD packet is a 4 Day Job Development workshop geared towards all AT RISK JOB SEEKERS, with a specialty for Ex-offenders…..We can ship it to you or you can download it from our website…….Call for further information…. Local: (816) 842-4975 Toll Free: (855) 622-8899