Shkreli Repeatedly Invokes 5th Amendment at Hearing

Martin Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, declined to answer questions Thursday before a House committee probing escalating drug costs. Shkreli repeatedly exercised his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, which led to his dismissal from the hearing. Photo AP

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  1. Reggie von Zugbach says:

    Well done Martin.

  2. Paul Kimura says:

    So what happens now.

  3. Tofer The Gopher says:

    what a badass, he basically said "if you're a Homo, or a Negro, idgaf, give me, my money" lol ….
    you don't like it? it's because you wish Hitler had won WWII …
    this man is the 21 century in a nutshell, bug off

  4. NovaLex says:

    It doesn't help that his natural facial sitting is a smirk.

  5. TapTap says:

    wtf, martin did nothing wrong with the price. This is pathetic, people are dumb. Ride your imaginary high horse chaffetz.. Life is full of idiots.

  6. Muffinfordinner says:

    Being a lawyer looks like an easy job.

  7. Muffinfordinner says:

    Little brat is stone-walling us.

  8. alienkishorekumar says:

    #FREESHKRELI He is a hero who need to be cursed so that the big corporations can be exposed.

  9. Alberto Humova says:

    Free shreli, Shreli innoscent

  10. Al Montoya says:

    He should have replied every questions asked that is not relevant. That would be awesome! Lol

  11. Kyle Rollins says:

    Take a shot every time he brings up the 5th amendment lol

  12. suzie xu says:

    he's just a businessman, it's the government's fault, 100%. vultures!

  13. Brian De Souza says:

    what can they do about it? Can someone explain?

  14. Croo ookie says:

    He forgot to pay off members of congress, and buy ad time on major news networks. Now he's in big trouble.

  15. Frank says:

    Wow those two sociopaths!! Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy.

  16. Grant Goldberg says:

    Guilty, innocent or witness to a crime you should NEVER give sworn testimony without invoking the 5th. Never speak to the police, the prosecutors and sure as hell not these political clowns who are only doing this to rake him over the coals and find something, anything that can be twisted to use against him at trial.
    The only people who think this isn't political theater are Congressmen.
    It's like a free lunch for Congress. They get the chance to look like they give a crap about the little guy while doing something of no consequence. It helps give these crooked fucks cover for all the bribes they take to let corporations buy the law.
    Hey, $19 trillion in debt, your grandchildren's, grandchildren will be enslaved with astronomical taxes to pay the debt these assholes racked up, but hey let's grill the CEO because of high prices.
    Someone should really lecture these scumbag Congressmen on patent law.