South Carolina Police Officer Charged With Murder

Cell phone video of shooting allegedly led to the arrest of patrolman Michael Slager.


  1. Reality Check says:

    Looks like that cop is a free man, the court just declared a mistrial.

  2. Shane Haddock says:

    As a police officer with twenty-six years of experience, I will say the following: most police officers are not racist, and this situation probably had nothing to do with race. In my professional opinion, this officer was an ego-maniac who was just itching to get into a police shooting, so that he could say he's been in one, and so that he pretend to have "that edge." This officer deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life!!!

  3. Ni *** R Please Productions says:

    WHERE AWWWWWW MY NIGGAZ AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!

  4. Netlink Netlink says:

    COP= Coward On Power-trip

  5. kieth thornton says:


  6. Ken the Coder says:

    I'm glad they found this video. It proves the guy was running away. He should not have been shot. The cop already had his identification, and confirmed a warrant. If the man got away, he could have been located at a later time. He should not have ran from the police, but he did not deserve to be shot.

  7. Mike Leib says:

    #Livonia #Michigan arrests guys for asking a girl on a date #torontomapleleafs #mikebabcock

  8. Haylee Garcia says:

    your decisions live with you

  9. Haylee Garcia says:


  10. TheDrewgutterz says:

    All this racism is dumb. I hope they burn this motherfucker

  11. Smokey The CareBear says:

    OMG These cops are rubbing off on me. Oh how fun it was to see his bacon ass in stripes. AHAHAHAHA today is a good day lol

  12. Annie Keller says:

    What sickens me the most is the cop knew he shot 8 rounds with intent to kill and when the victim lay face down on the ground not moving, the cop CUFFED HIM.   Imagine knowing you've just been shot and may die with seconds or minutes and the cop who shot you over a brake light and a taser CUFFS YOU.  This creep KNEW he was most likely cuffing a dying man.  This cop should get the death penalty for his inhumane cruelty added to the murder.

  13. Annie Keller says:

    Shooting someone in the back, having shot 8 rounds,  is murder, not self-defense.  How could this cop get off from a clear-cut case of murder?   Even the the priciest of lawyers couldn't work around the victim having been shot in the back multiple times.

  14. Andres Souza says:

    In my opinion he doesn't represent the majority of the police who garantee  the security in the country.. he's just a stupid man who's gonna  suffer the consequence of his bad behaviour.. well come to hell "cabron"…..

  15. Charlotte Litherland (CraftnMomma) says:

    My boyfriend is from North Charleston. He says the cops there have always been very corrupt. His mom and him got pulled over once because the cop claimed they were "a car full of teens blasting the stereo joy riding" I have ridden with his mom and she doesn't allow the radio on at all when she drives. and she was 40+ and he was about 10 at the time.  I'm not anti-cop, but I'm definitely anti-asshole. This won't change anything in North Chuck. The same behavior will continue. they will just keep a watch out for people with cameras and confiscate them.

  16. Sam Fitt says:

    When this cop gets to the real jail his life is going to be hell.

  17. mrbillhicks says:

    Why does it have to be cop shoots black man ?  Why can't it simply be cop shoots man ?  It's the media which is dragging the black thing into this… And another thing…. If this had been some white guy getting shot it wouldn't have even made the news….  Here's the thing….  When a cop tells you to stop don't continue to walk, be it you black, white or otherwise…..

  18. e james says:

    I fought the law and……………………..the law won.

  19. r3alrand0m says:

    In other cases i blame the victim, but in this case i blame the pig for not using common sense.

  20. Kane85 says:

    Bad cop.