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Northern California Innocence Project: Obie Anthony’s Story

The story of Obie Anthony’s wrongful conviction and ultimate exoneration.

Defending Innocence Project

I am a survivor of childhood sexual assault. Here is my story.
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California Innocence Project continues efforts to free the wrongly convicted

Kimberly Long is one of many whose convictions were overturned with the help of San Diego-based California Innocence Project.

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Brian Banks and the California Innocence Project

Brian Banks spent 5 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. It stripped him of a college degree and a starting position for the USC Trojans as a middle linebacker. But, it did not strip his drive. Watch this video by Kevin Sully and share with your friends. Thanks for all your support!
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California Innocence Project

Northern California Innocence Project-Maurice Caldwell’s Story: Wrongfully Incarcerated for 20 years

On March 28, 2011, after more than 20 years in prison, Mr. Caldwell was released from San Francisco County Jail after San Francisco Superior Court Judge Charles Haines ordered him freed. Haines set aside Mr. Caldwell’s conviction December 2010, after NCIP lawyers demonstrated evidence of actual innocence and that Mr. Caldwell’s defense attorney at trial was incompetent. San Francisco County prosecutors subsequently decided to dismiss the charges against Mr. Caldwell.

Read more on Maurice’s story here: http://law.scu.edu/ncip/exonerees.cfm

Northern California Innocence Project

Law professor & attorney Barry Scheck recounts the story behind the founding of The Innocence Project, a non-profit legal organization that is committed to exonerating wrongly convicted people through the use of DNA testing, and to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.

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How To Get a California Expungement? | Capozzi Law

How To Get a California Expungement? | Capozzi Law

Fresno, CA criminal attorney Nicco Capozzi explains the California expungement process and how to have your criminal conviction cleared.

Expungement Lawyer Orange County CA 888-901-3440 Expunge Criminal Record

California Expungement Lawyer Orange County CA 888-901-3440
The entire process can be a confusing endeavor for an individual who is not familiar with this legal process. This is why it is suggested that hiring an experienced attorney to help with an expungement is advised. Our attorneys offer reasonable fees, and their clients usually do not need to appear in court. To speak to a Orange County expungement attorney at no charge call 888-901-3440.

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