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Ohio Felony Jobs
Image by Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful
Several illegal dumpsites in Perry County on the Wayne National Forest were cleaned up on Saturday, September 7 thanks to more than 30 volunteers that were on the job early near Shawnee off Dutch Ridge Road on Twp. Rd 247.

The volunteers worked four hours and collected over 200 scrap tires off the National Forest. With the help of a Monday Creek Township backhoe and operator, the volunteers managed to fill a 30 yard open dumpster donated by Waste Management out of Perry County.

The illegal dumpsite included bags of household garbage, furniture, carpet and construction materials (roofing shingles).

Organizers say they made a big impact, but will plan further cleanups in this part of Perry County.

The public is urged to call authorities if they see anyone dumping in the area.

The public is reminded that Illegal dumping is an environmental crime. Dumping tires is a felony offense in Ohio. Dumpsites with scrap tires provide an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos. Severe illnesses have been attributed to disease-carrying mosquitoes originating from scrap tire piles.

This volunteer event was held in partnership with Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling, Perry County Juvenile Court, Rural Action and the Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative, Wayne National Forest, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Monday Creek Township, Perry County Engineer, and Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful.

This event was also held in support of the Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup Campaign.


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Popular Videos – Criminal record & Felony

Popular Videos – Criminal record & Felony

felony expungement houston texas

felony expungement houston texas – http://expunctionattorneypham.com (713) 236-7791 | If you have been arrested in houston texas and want to learn what a felony expungement houston texas lawyer can do for you, watch this video and learn the most important advice you’ll need to know from a felony expungement houston texas lawyers about how to expunge or seal your criminal record in tx.

felony expungement houston texas
how to expunge or seal your criminal record in tx
Expungement in Texas
Are Criminal Background Checks and the Availability of Arrest Charges or Criminal Convictions on the Internet Negatively Affecting Your Life?

A Criminal Record can make it difficult for you to…
Get a job.
Train for certain professional careers.
Apply for loans.
Rent a house or apartment.
Even coach your child’s sports team.

In the state of Texas, there are several legal procedures that can keep a criminal record from affecting your life, the most common procedures are Expunction and Non-Disclosure.

Expunction – if an individual is found not guilty, or is acquitted, of a criminal offense, they may be able to have the arrest, criminal charge, and probation destroyed and permanently removed from their record.

An expungement allows you to legally deny that you were ever arrested or charged for an offense.

Non-Disclosure – if an individual has been convicted of a criminal offense, they may be able to have their record sealed, allowing only specific government agencies to have access to the records.

Non-Disclosure allows you to legally deny having been arrested or charged with the criminal offense.
You deserve a second chance, don’t let a prior mistake follow you around for the rest of your life.

Houston Criminal Attorney Michael Pham will fight aggressively to clear your criminal record quickly and affordably.

Unsure whether you can seal your record? Contact Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Pham for your FREE Consultation to find out if you’re eligible to clear your name. Call today! (713) 236-7791


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Can an expungement be denied in Florida?

Can an expungement be denied in Florida? | Guichard St. Surin | The Guardian Law Firm | Criminal, Family Law and Personal Injury Attorneys | Request A Free Consultation | 239-288-7664 | http://ServingTheOne.com/ | guichard@theguardianlawfirm.com | 2077 First St. Suite 206 Fort Myers, FL

Yes, an expungement can be denied in Florida if you have an adjudication in your background, if you have a juvenile adjudication or if you have an adult adjudication. An adjudication is where the court adjudicated you guilty of a crime. If you have withhold, then you can get it expunged, but you cannot have any adjudication in your background whatsoever. Even something as simple as driving without a valid license where the only thing you had to do was pay a 0 fine, let’s say, you still are not able to get any future cases expunged because that is an adjudication.

Can a federal felony be expunged? Felony expungement

Can a federal felony be expunged? Felony expungement. New York Criminal Immigration Lawyer.
There is no federal expungement law.

The only federal expungement available is for convictions of small drug possession for first offenders.

This special expungement process is allowed by 18 U.S.C. 3607 (c), also known as the Federal First Offender Act.

Get more information here:

Popular Videos – Expungement & Felony

California Felony Expungement Overview

California Felony Expungement Overview

Learn about expunging your felony record in California from the nation’s leading expungement law firm. We will show you the easiest way for you to determine if your felony is eligible to be expunged or reduced to a misdemeanor, the benefits of expunging your record, additional services to help keep your record hidden, and why you should choose RecordGone.com. Expert expungement attorney Mathew Higbee.

Get more information at http://www.RecordGone.com/California/Expungement

New Law Makes Expunging Records Easier

More people will now be eligible to have their records made inaccessible to the public, including prospective employers, landlords and colleges.

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Kentucky Felony Expungement Lawyers

Kentucky Felony Expungements coming July 15th 2016 – In this video we describe the benefits of applying for felony Expungement in the state of KY. Learn the basics of qualifying for Kentucky felony expungements and that viewers can contact the Harper Law Co for felony expungements in Shelbyville and Louisville KY. Follow this link to learn more http://harperlawco.com/kentucky-felony-expungement-lawyer/. Or call Harper Law Co PLLC at 502-208-3265
Email: scott.harperlawco@gmail.com

How-To Expunge A Felony From Your Record

How-To Expunge A Felony From Your Record

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