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B.C. launches Skills for Jobs Blueprint to re-engineer education and training

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B.C. launches Skills for Jobs Blueprint to re-engineer education and training
Job Training In College
Image by BC Gov Photos
By 2022, BC is expecting one million job openings in the province created by retirements and our growing economy. "BC’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint: Re-engineering Education and Training” is a comprehensive strategy to re-engineer BC’s education and apprenticeship systems.

The strategy sets out three overarching objectives to maximize the potential of BC’s workforce: A head-start to hands-on learning in our schools; A shift in education and training to better match jobs in demand; A stronger partnership with industry and labour to deliver training and apprenticeships.

READ MORE: www.newsroom.gov.bc.ca/2014/04/bc-launches-skills-for-job…

FOX Carolina: Gowdy tours Workability, a jobs program for those with special needs, disabilities

Congressman Gowdy tours Workability, located in Inman, SC, which provides jobs and job training to individuals with special needs or disabilities.

The South Carolina state trooper who fired at an unarmed driver was arraigned on charges of aggravated assault. Prosecutors say the cop acted recklessly. Elaine Quijano reports.

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By: Randy Travis

Aired: Jan 19 2017

ATLANTA – When the lights in the Georgia Dome fade to black after the final Falcons game there Sunday, some people who live in its shadow will still be asking the same question: will they ever be able to rise up, too?

They’re the ones who remembered the major investments promised to their neighborhood when the Dome was first built 25 years ago.

“They were promised millions of dollars and it did not materialize,” agreed John Gordon of the group Friends of English Avenue.

So will the .5 billion Mercedes-Benz Dome be any better for the people who live across the street?

There are some signs — measured in inches, not yards — that things could be changing in the right direction.

“This is my neighborhood. I live here,” Benjamin Wills, 30, pointed out as we walked along North Avenue near Lindsay Street. “So I’m a neighbor just as much as I’m the principal of this school.”

The school is Peace Preparatory Academy, the first school to operate in this neighborhood in the last 20 years. Right now 36 children spend at least part of the day inside a converted church, getting three meals and a safe education.

For years though this has been a place on the map largely known for two things: first, a cheap, overflow parking destination for Falcons fans, including those who will be back again Sunday.

“We won’t be tailgating but there will be people parking in front of our home for sure,” Wills predicted. “So we’ll get to be part of the fanfare whether we want to or not.”

But mostly this has been a place the feds once called the largest outdoor heroin market in the Southeast, where a largely white customer base from outside Atlanta kept dealers hustling around the clock.

In the summer of 2015 local and federal authorities decided to try something new here. They invited 20 people the community identified as low level drug dealers and gave them a choice to turn their lives around or face federal charges if they returned to selling heroin. Police say four of the 20 didn’t think they were serious.

They were. All four face federal drug charges. The busy streets seem quieter now. We noticed it. The people who live here noticed it, too.

John Gordon spent the last decade trying to make life better in the English Avenue neighborhood, ever since the Atlanta businessman was moved to action by news stories about corrupt cops killing an elderly woman, Kathryn Johnston, inside her home.

His non-profit helped create two community gardens in places where only drug dealers and weeds once thrived. They also bought homes to provide for police officers now trusted by the neighborhood.

In fact, a tip from someone in English Avenue led Atlanta Police and federal authorities to bust up a heroin network here using Facebook to advertise its wares. Four pleaded guilty this week to conspiracy to distribute heroin.

“I think there’s ample evidence to support the belief that things are on the upswing,” Gordon observed.

“You still wouldn’t come over here after the sun goes down, would you?” I asked.

“I would not,” Gordon replied without hesitation. “I’ve been here and left that church at night and you can hear gunfire.”

The US Attorney’s office says arrests have dropped nearly 40 percent here since they started the Drug Market Intervention program. They admit some of the drug dealing may just not be as obvious as the guys dealing on the streets or through social media.

“Do you feel safer, do you think your kids are safer walking the streets in this area now?” I asked principal Wills.

“I think in some ways it’s just shifted and changed. When you’re talking about the trajectory of someone’s life, I mean that’s going to take a long time.”

Falcons owner Arthur Blank’s Foundation has pledged a minimum of million on the Westside communities, with millions more coming from other groups. The idea is to attract investment to create new jobs and businesses. You can click here to see where the money has gone so far.

“Are you comfortable with the Blank Foundation’s commitment to this neighborhood?” I asked Wills.

“I don’t question the intent. I do question the implementation.”

Little things, like the wooden planters we sat on during his interview. Wills says Blank company volunteers dropped them and a picnic table across the street from his school one day without ever asking what he thought.

“As you can see, it doesn’t look very beautiful because there’s no ownership to it,” Wills pointed out as we looked at the dead plants inside. “I’m not sure how many people would sit here and have lunch at the picnic table in front of this house that looks like it’s about to fall into itself.”

Gordon saw it differently.

“I have every belief that Blank’s commitment is real,” he stressed.

FULL STORY: http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/i-team/230153712-story
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Latest Ohio Felony Jobs News

Ohio Felony Jobs
Image by Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful
Several illegal dumpsites in Perry County on the Wayne National Forest were cleaned up on Saturday, September 7 thanks to more than 30 volunteers that were on the job early near Shawnee off Dutch Ridge Road on Twp. Rd 247.

The volunteers worked four hours and collected over 200 scrap tires off the National Forest. With the help of a Monday Creek Township backhoe and operator, the volunteers managed to fill a 30 yard open dumpster donated by Waste Management out of Perry County.

The illegal dumpsite included bags of household garbage, furniture, carpet and construction materials (roofing shingles).

Organizers say they made a big impact, but will plan further cleanups in this part of Perry County.

The public is urged to call authorities if they see anyone dumping in the area.

The public is reminded that Illegal dumping is an environmental crime. Dumping tires is a felony offense in Ohio. Dumpsites with scrap tires provide an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos. Severe illnesses have been attributed to disease-carrying mosquitoes originating from scrap tire piles.

This volunteer event was held in partnership with Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling, Perry County Juvenile Court, Rural Action and the Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative, Wayne National Forest, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Monday Creek Township, Perry County Engineer, and Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful.

This event was also held in support of the Keep America Beautiful Great American Cleanup Campaign.

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Do Career Fairs offer Real Jobs?

Reginald Kaigler visits the Criminal Justice Career Fair at Mott Community College and talks about the impact of luck and hard work in American society.

Politician Would Rather Lose 200K Jobs Than Have Unions

Tennessee Republican state Sen. Bo Watson warned on Tuesday that a plan to bring 200,000 jobs to his state was a “magnet for unionized labor, intentionally.”

According to Chattanooga Times Free Press, Watson told the state Senate Commerce Committee that approving 5.8 million in tax incentives for Volkswagen was dangerous because unions could change the “culture” of Tennessee…

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Campus rape is a huge problem, and now we may know another reason why. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. https://www.tytnetwork.com/join

“A Wisconsin wrestling coach says he was fired for reporting sexual assault allegations to police—rather than telling the university first.

Timothy Fader, former head coach at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, has filed a federal lawsuit against the school’s athletic director and former chancellor alleging retaliation, wrongful termination, and defamation.

It wasn’t the only sexual assault claim Fader reported. The first time he reported such allegations to the university on behalf of a woman, in January 2013, officials failed to document it, he claims.”

Read more here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/08/25/college-coach-i-was-fired-for-reporting-campus-rape-to-police.html

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Latest Puerto Rico Felony Jobs News

Man sentenced for faking decedent's name in 0G insurance scam
Using the name and Social Security number of a woman in Puerto Rico, Stacker, 51, obtained three insurance policies in the name of a different person – an ailing female relative of his, said a law enforcement source. The policies totaled $ 760,000, and …
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Japan PM won't attend Russian WW2 ceremony – govt spokesman
TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will not attend an official ceremony in Moscow on May 9 to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two because of a schedule conflict, the nation's top government spokesman said on …
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Fed caution, weak economic growth weigh on stock futures
(Reuters) – U.S. stock index futures were lower on Thursday, a day after data showed that U.S. economic growth slowed to a crawl in the first-quarter and a Federal Reserve statement that provided little clarity on a rate hike timeline. Data released on …
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Latest Hawaii Felony Jobs News

Supreme Court may reconsider what is 'violent felony' in '80s-era law
The Supreme Court served notice Monday it is ready to reconsider the reach of a 1980s-era law that imposes an extra 15-year prison term on "armed career criminals." The justices are not troubled because these mandatory prison terms are too stiff …
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Sheriff: Woman defiant, not scared in delayed traffic stop case
DelRea Good was arrested and charged March 20 with resisting arrest after not pulling over for a Porter County Sheriff's officer on a county road. Good said she put on her emergency flashers and pulling into the nearby Kohl's parking lot, less than a …
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Community loses a caring couple
1, drowned March 13 while snorkeling in Hanauma Bay in East Oahu, Hawaii. A week later, friends and family were still in shock, staring at a void the two caring, giving people had filled since their arrival in South Sound in 1987. Robert L. Jones, 60 …
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Latest Massachusetts Felony Jobs News

Charlie Baker takes over as 72d governor of Mass.
“History will record that a budget deficit exceeding half a billion dollars is being transferred to our administration,” he said, addressing the legislators he will almost certainly need to work with to find cuts to help bridge the gap. “If we're …
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Summerville woman dead, another charged with felony DUI after accident in
One person is dead and another charged with felony DUI after accident in Dorchester County. The accident happened Wednesday, just before 10:30pm, on S-377, outside of Summerville. Troopers say 45-year-old Tammy Harris was driving west on S-377 …
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When hackers cripple data, police departments pay ransom
Tewksbury authorities sent their infected computer server to the Commonwealth Fusion Center, where Massachusetts State Police work with federal law enforcement agencies on antiterrorism and cybercrime cases. Despite their best efforts, the KEYHolder …
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