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Seal your Record in Texas

Seal Texas Record. If you have criminal charges in your past haunting you, wouldn’t you have a more peaceful holiday season knowing you could start the NEW YEAR on your way to a clean record?
The internet has even made it easier than ever for nosy people to do a background check on you for just the cost of a dinner out. Not to mention: many court clerks and the Texas Department of Public Safety make it easy for anyone to find criminal records.
But I’m here to tell you- the good news is that qualifying cases can get that criminal- record -cleared.
Stay tuned and in a minute, I’ll talk about the options available to Seal YOUR Texas Record
BUT FIRST: Let me say that we start the same day you sign up. We are experts that know how to get records cleared as fast as possible. The time it takes varies by court, but the typical case in Texas takes anywhere from 3 to 8 months, depending on county. The sooner you let me get your case filed, the sooner you are your way to a cleared record!
So, How is a Criminal Record is Cleared?
Expunction, or Nondisclosure, Set Aside, or Pardon

Expunction: Expungement may be available to you if you had an arrest but were not convicted or sentenced to community supervision. (dismissed cases/ Trial acquittal) Additionally, you can expunge class C misdemeanors for which you successfully completed deferred adjudication.
Juvenile Record Sealing
Texas law allows for you to petition to get your juvenile record sealed. You must have no convictions (of a felony or misdemeanor crime of moral turpitude) or adjudications since your discharge. You must wait two years since you were discharged but if there was no adjudication, there is no waiting period. BUT if you received a determinate sentence in a juvenile detention center— this option is out!
Nondisclosure: Sealing (Order of Non-Disclosure)
You may be eligible for an order of non-disclosure if you have received deferred adjudication for a felony or misdemeanor A or B and have successfully “Discharged” from that deferred adjudication. Now, there are several offenses, NOT ELIGIBLE: including sex offenses requiring registration, murder, stalking and assault family violence offenses.
Set Aside: Set Aside
If you were convicted, but received and successfully completed probation, you may be eligible to have the conviction set aside. If your conviction is set aside, the arrest will still show up in some background checks, but it will appear dismissed with no finding of guilt. Certain offenses, including DUI and certain felonies, are not eligible to be set aside. Additionally, certain counties in Texas are not currently offering or granting set asides, For instance where I am in Harris Co.
Finally, Governor’s Pardon: is an option open to anyone convicted of a Felony or Misdemeanor that can show why it would be in the best interest of justice to overturn a conviction. This measure has a low probability of success, but may be worth considering if the offense is very old, the law has changed regarding offense, new facts arise that were unknown at trial, and/or the person convicted can show themselves to be contributing member of society with a clean criminal history over several years despite a past mistake. This procedure can take up to a year.
What can SealTexasRecord.com do for you: We will conduct the research, file the necessary legal documents, In most cases, you will not have to physically appear in court. You can let me handle all the work, and keep you updated with emails with each action in the case.
Now Let’s Assume I have successfully managed your case to completion and received the order granting your expunction or nondisclosure: What happens next?
Some firms offers to clear your record with online background check companies and charge hundreds of dollars in addition to the legal fees they already charge. You should know before turn over hundreds of dollars to them, that Texas D.P.S. is already required to send notice to every private background check company to whom they sold your information to. And if those companies don’t remove the expunged records—they can be penalized hundreds of dollars every day by the state as well as pay you compensation.
Harmful consequences of a criminal record can now last a lifetime, unless the records are expunged or sealed.
Many courts and the Texas Department of Public Safety make it easy for anyone to find your criminal records.
Let the Texas expungement experts help you! Let the experts handle your case.

Quality work. Expertise and knowledge. Driven by a passion for helping YOU restore your life. Principal office Cypress, TX

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Cleaning Up A Criminal Record in California

Stephen Klarich explains how to start cleaning your criminal record with the help of an expungement, certificate of rehabilitation or governors pardon.

Cleaning your record can affect your employment opportunities, your credit, and your personal life.

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Can My Prior Conviction Be Sealed Or Expunged In Texas? | (713) 714-0481


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There are only two conditions for your criminal record to get expunged. In order to seal a record, one must follow a motion of disclosure depending on a particular crimes that were committed.

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A compelling concept of an expungement regarding repeat offenses has been emphasized.

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felony expungement houston texas

felony expungement houston texas – http://expunctionattorneypham.com (713) 236-7791 | If you have been arrested in houston texas and want to learn what a felony expungement houston texas lawyer can do for you, watch this video and learn the most important advice you’ll need to know from a felony expungement houston texas lawyers about how to expunge or seal your criminal record in tx.

felony expungement houston texas
how to expunge or seal your criminal record in tx
Expungement in Texas
Are Criminal Background Checks and the Availability of Arrest Charges or Criminal Convictions on the Internet Negatively Affecting Your Life?

A Criminal Record can make it difficult for you to…
Get a job.
Train for certain professional careers.
Apply for loans.
Rent a house or apartment.
Even coach your child’s sports team.

In the state of Texas, there are several legal procedures that can keep a criminal record from affecting your life, the most common procedures are Expunction and Non-Disclosure.

Expunction – if an individual is found not guilty, or is acquitted, of a criminal offense, they may be able to have the arrest, criminal charge, and probation destroyed and permanently removed from their record.

An expungement allows you to legally deny that you were ever arrested or charged for an offense.

Non-Disclosure – if an individual has been convicted of a criminal offense, they may be able to have their record sealed, allowing only specific government agencies to have access to the records.

Non-Disclosure allows you to legally deny having been arrested or charged with the criminal offense.
You deserve a second chance, don’t let a prior mistake follow you around for the rest of your life.

Houston Criminal Attorney Michael Pham will fight aggressively to clear your criminal record quickly and affordably.

Unsure whether you can seal your record? Contact Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Pham for your FREE Consultation to find out if you’re eligible to clear your name. Call today! (713) 236-7791


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Can an expungement be denied in Florida?

Can an expungement be denied in Florida? | Guichard St. Surin | The Guardian Law Firm | Criminal, Family Law and Personal Injury Attorneys | Request A Free Consultation | 239-288-7664 | http://ServingTheOne.com/ | guichard@theguardianlawfirm.com | 2077 First St. Suite 206 Fort Myers, FL

Yes, an expungement can be denied in Florida if you have an adjudication in your background, if you have a juvenile adjudication or if you have an adult adjudication. An adjudication is where the court adjudicated you guilty of a crime. If you have withhold, then you can get it expunged, but you cannot have any adjudication in your background whatsoever. Even something as simple as driving without a valid license where the only thing you had to do was pay a 0 fine, let’s say, you still are not able to get any future cases expunged because that is an adjudication.

Expunging Criminal Record – The Law Offices of Robert Gregg – Dallas, Texas

Expunging Theft from Criminal Record – The Law Offices of Robert Gregg – Dallas, Texas
The crime of theft is a serious offense in Texas. Anyone looking for a decent job will most likely have to disclose whether or not they have a criminal record, which includes mentioning any theft charges.


A criminal record can limit your ability to obtain promotions or land your dream job. If you are interested in expunging charges from your record, contact Dallas criminal lawyer Robert Gregg. Mr. Gregg is a Dallas criminal defense attorney with a track-record of successful case outcomes. Schedule a consultation by calling 214-559-3444.

An attorney from the Law Offices of Robert Gregg will explain the process of removing charges from your criminal record. This may involve enrolling in an anti-theft class and completing community service.

These steps will put you in a better position to have theft removed from your record. If your record is expunged, then you can legally state that you have never been arrested for theft, which can open the door to certain freedoms and increase the likelihood of finding competitive employment.

If you or someone you know was convicted of theft in Texas, then you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss the possibility of getting the conviction expunged. Attorney Robert Gregg can evaluate your criminal record to determine if this may be an option. To schedule a consultation at the Law Offices of Robert Gregg, call 214-559-3444.
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Clearing Your Criminal Record in Conroe Texas

Montgomery County Criminal Defense Attorney Douglas Atkinson explains how he may be able to erase your past criminal record. The Law Office of Douglas Atkinson handles all criminal charges including DUI, DWI, Drug Crimes, Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Assault, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, and more in Conroe as well as all of Montgomery and Walker Counties in Texas. You can contact Mr. Atkinson at www.conroecriminaldefense.com or 936-760-0303.
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