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Tips and Tricks for the GED® Exam – Part 2

Be ready for the GED® exam with these tips and tricks.

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Simple Interest:

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Finding Slope from an Equation:

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One Step Equations:

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Relying on the right study materials is absolutely essential for success on the GED test. What you see in the video is only a tiny sample of the high quality prep materials in our GED study guide.

Get everything you need for GED success in our study guide. Take advantage of practice tests, and helpful study techniques to achieve your goal of passing your GED!

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►What to Expect on the GED

What to Expect on the GED

“How to Ace the Tests of General Educational Development (GED), using our easy step-by-step GED test study guide, without weeks and months of endless studying…”

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How To Dress For Career Success: Tips From Image Expert Erin Miller

Making the switch from jeans and t-shirts or sweatpants and hoodies to appropriate business attire can be stressful. After dressing casual for so long, putting on a suit can kind of feel like raiding your parents’ closet.

What do business formal, business casual and casual dress for students and new graduates look like?

In this video tutorial, image expert and long-time recruiter Erin Miller (http://www.erinmillerimage.com) explains a number of options in each style for both men and women. Each outfit was carefully selected for students and new grads by Erin from Banana Republic’s Bloor Street store in downtown Toronto.

Special thanks to our models from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management: Commerce students Peter Hu, Herry Dai, Erina Paluka and Teresa Lam.
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When you’re dealing with properties that have a large number of tenants in them, you want to make sure that you keep them happy. Happiness of a paying tenant goes hand in hand with a good reputation. Most quality homeowner’s associations and investors know that in order to get the most return out of your property, keeping the property well maintained is of paramount importance.

A lot of times it’s the small things that count that can make a big difference. Things such as making sure the landscaping is well kept, lights are replaced routinely and exterior paint is fresh can give a tenant the feeling that their best interests are being taken care of.

This is important because an unhappy client is more likely to tell 5 times as many people than a happy one. So when looking to make the most of your investment, here are three principles you should adhere to keep your reputation in a positive light.


When you are dealing with tenants, your ability to quickly respond to maintenance calls becomes your reputation. When you respond in days, or hours instead of minutes, that can create a difficult space between you and the tenant.

The best and most well respected Minnesota Property Maintenance companies are recorded to normally respond within 15 minutes. Start to ask yourself, if your organization is equipped to handle in that amount of time?

In addition, short-term complaints can easily turn into long-term uneasiness. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you have the proper help or support in place so that you can tend to your clients needs in good time.


Due to occasional and normal wear and tear, large housing communities need routine maintenance. Therefore, it is good to have a schedule that’s set on certain activities and their frequency so that you will be able to run the property smoothly.

Clients can start to get frustrated when the heating system doesn’t work and it’s nearly 30 degrees outside. Routine checks done at the right time will help prevent many issues that come up with time so you know that in October it’s around the right time to replace the furnace filters. Proper planning also saves you money.


Keeping books are critical to maintaining balance in your community. Not only does it give you an opportunity to understand where your money is going, it allows you to focus on things that are draining your reserves that could potentially be dealt with in the optimal time frame.

For accurate bookkeeping, make sure you put a system of checks and balances in place that can account for mistakes or dishonesty that people can have.

For more information on properly running a large community of housing, visit www.gassen.com


For more information on properly running a large community of housing, visit www.gassen.com

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Tips To Get Just The Right Tenant For That Beloved Home

For those people who are lucky enough to own more than one property, or for those who are going out-of-town on business for an extended period of time, finding someone who can look after the property can sometimes be a bit of a task. However, by going online, it is easy to find a list of agents who will be able to undertake the work adequately. Try putting ‘New Hampshire property management’ or ‘property management New Hampshire’ into a search engine to see what they come up with.

Of course, it is not just collecting rent and passing it on that these agents are capable of doing. On the contrary, they act as stand in owners so that the real owner can rest assured that their property is being looked after. To accommodate this, they often take some rather in-depth details of the incumbent tenant and check them out thoroughly before handing over the keys.

This can involve credit checks and background checks of the individual who wants to rent the property. No one would like to think that a convicted felon is about to enter their homes and live for a while, neither to do people want those who do not pay bills on time etc. Also, they want to let to people who are unlikely to damage the property too since this may well be a loved home that is to be passed down through the family.

Indeed, many people do not want families with children in their homes because kids can sometimes disrupt and damage valuable assets. Even pets which are left to roam can damage carpets and furnishings so it is not unusual to see adverts with these provisos in them.

People would much rather rent a property to others who are just like them. That is, hard- working individuals who take care of their surroundings well even if it does not belong to them. Those who have high-flying careers and who have not had time to settle down are sometimes perfect for the up market houses which are on offer. But still, these people too will have to have good references if they want to rent quality homes anywhere.

It is unfortunate but some houses have fallen victim to bad tenants who are involved in some illegal trade from the property. Not only does this bring down the value of the home, it also upsets the neighbors who have to live around them. It is best to get some experts in the field who know what they are doing when it comes to choosing tenants for valuable homes.

Finally, agents also undertake to make sure that any running repairs are done to the property as and when they are needed. By doing this, more difficult work is sometimes avoided and damage is certainly kept to a minimum. However, since some of these agents also make a commission by giving contractors work; make sure that they have good ones on their books before signing over the house to them.

Penny Lane recently met with an expert in New Hampshire property management area to help her find office space in the area. She hired a property management New Hampshire company to find tenants and maintain her new apartment building.

Tips for Cheaper Apartment Lease Renewals for Tenants

Once you fix a win-win lease deal with your landowner, you become relaxed for the whole year and pay your monthly rentals accordingly. However, tenants may encounter tough situations while renewing their existing lease deal if their landowners demand higher lease amount for the next year.

Generally, the tenants are provided with two options; to pay ‘one time special amount’ if they quickly plan to renew their deal for another year in New Port Richey or to pay a higher rate to choose month-to-month plan. With increasing monthly expenses, the increase in rental amount adds a great burden on the tenants.

In such situations, it is wise to remain calm and think practically rather than deciding to shift to another apartment on rent in New Port Richey. As shifting an apartment costs to moving expenses, it will not solve the problem but will multiply the amount of expenses. It is unfortunate that the landowners are aware of this problem and will allow you to shift to another location.

It is better to think calmly and understand the strategy of the landowner behind their deal. You can check online websites for any special rental scheme that can benefit your situation from higher renewal offer by your landlord. This will help you to determine the market situation of New Port Richey and you will be able to take the right decision for your family.

Sometimes, your online search helps you to identify that there are some rental apartments in New Port Richey which has less rent as compared to your existing lease deal. In such situations, you can afford to shift to another affordable apartment to save your monthly rental expenses. You can share your thoughts with the landowner and if they still doesn’t agree with your proposal, then you can easily shift to another apartment on rent.

To learn more, please visit Apartments for lease and get the details about Apartment For Rent.

A Guide & Tips to Record a Clear Voice With Audacity : Audio Recording

A Guide & Tips to Record a Clear Voice With Audacity : Audio Recording

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Recording a clear voice with Audacity requires you to be using the appropriate tools in just the right ways. Get a guide and learn about tips to recording a clear voice with Audacity with help from an audio engineer and musician in this free video clip.

Expert: Joey Biagas
Filmmaker: Hunter Lemoine

Series Description: Recording audio on your computer doesn’t require a million dollar studio – it requires the right software used in just the right way. Get tips on audio recording with help from an audio engineer and musician in this free video series.
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Protect Your Bubble Shares Its Tips for Preventing Apartment Fires

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 12, 2013

There are few things in life more horrifying and dangerous than a fire. No one ever intentionally starts a fire, but accidents can and do happen. Minimizing risk is the best way to keep a fire from starting in an apartment, so Protect Your Bubble, renter’s insurance brand, has a list of some wise ways to keep an apartment safe from a fire.

Before Rental

Before signing a lease with an apartment complex, perform a quick fire inspection and be sure the apartment is up to the fire code. Contacting a local fire department and asking for a checklist is not a bad idea, or consult the Internet for one also. Ultimately, a simple walkthrough is the best way to be absolutely certain. Look for these key elements in particular:

    Check smoke detectors – most smoke detectors are hard wired into the building and have battery backups. Test them before renting and if any do not work, bring it to the attention of the landlord.

    Fire extinguishers – The exterior should have at least one between buildings and there should certainly be at least one in the kitchen. Check the dates for the last testing and if they are not certified and tested, make a note to the landlord.

After Moving In

Prevention is the key after signing a lease and settling in. Whether a family or single person, learn where the fire escapes are and become very familiar with them. Do not trust a memory of where the ladder may be, so be sure to practice escapes at night, in inclement weather and during the day. The more practice that is done, the quicker and safer an escape during a fire. Otherwise things to do after moving into the new apartment:

    Cooking – If the stove is on, eyes should be on the stove. Stepping away for just a second to the bathroom or to take a phone call is tantamount to disaster. Turn the stove off if necessary. There is nothing cooking that cannot sit for a few minutes.

    Heating appliances – Keep everything combustible at least five feet away at all times, or better yet, do not use secondary heating appliances at all.

    Grilling and barbecue – Good times and barbeque go hand in hand, but doing so on the patio or balcony can be dangerous. Go to a park or open space to enjoy outside cooking; it will be much safer and enjoyable in the long run.

In Case of a Fire

It is never planned to have a fire in an apartment or home, but in the unlikely chance it happens, use common sense and remain calm.

    Get families out and to a safe location; stay there.

    Use the stairs only; never use an elevator.

    Check doors before opening them; if it is cool, open slowly and leave quickly. If the door is warm, seal it and find another exit immediately.

Protect Your Bubble’s Renter’s Insurance plans protect customers against theft, fire, lightning, wind, hail, smoke, vandalism, water damage liability (where applicable), earthquakes and power surges in most states. Content limits start at $ 10,000, with personal liability limits under $ 100,000. Visit ProtectYourBubble.com for a quick quote today.

About Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble is a specialty insurance brand, offering insurance for gadgets, pets and

travel – all for today’s modern consumer.

    Travel – Plans provide a variety of coverage for single and multi-trip options including cancellation, interruption, medical/dental, baggage, rental car and much more like 24/7 emergency services including, consult a doctor, roadside assistance, restaurant reservations and even set up tee times through their concierge services.
    Rental Car – For those hitting the open road in a rental car, it’s important to remember that rental car protection is a great way to cover damage, trip emergencies, cancellations and interruptions. Protect Your Bubble provides rental car protection for only $ 7.99 per day.
    Gadget – Smartphone and tablet insurance covers loss, theft and water damage and consumers will receive a replacement device in 24 hours. Home gadget warranties provide coverage for mechanical breakdown and accidental damage for laptops, game consoles and cameras as well as mechanical breakdown for appliances, televisions, desktop computers, home theater systems and more.
    Pet – Plans provide up to 90 percent reimbursement for covered vet charges for eligible accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions and behavioral treatments and alternative therapies. They allow owners to visit any licensed vet in the country. Additionally, annual deductible options start at $ 100 which only need to be met once per plan year.
    Renters – Plans protects customers against theft, fire, lightning, wind, hail, smoke, vandalism, water damage liability (where applicable), earthquakes and power surges in most states. Content limits start at $ 10,000, with personal liability limits under $ 100,000.
    ID Theft Protection – The program offers a full array of prevention services, including 24/7 access to credit reporting and education about identity theft protection. Detection services include credit and identity monitoring, both important early warning tools that notify customers about potential fraud involving their credit or identity. To resolve any identity theft incidents, certified resolution specialists are available 24/7 to work directly with customers to manage the entire resolution process from start to finish.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Protect Your Bubble is available online, via mobile app or phone, allowing consumers to understand, buy and, most importantly, protect what enriches their lives. Find Protect Your Bubble USA on Facebook or Twitter (@PYBUSA) or visit protectyourbubble.com for more information or to get a two-minute quote today.


Media Contact

Protect Your Bubble USA


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Credit Cards Can Be Friend or Foe to College Students NFCC Offers Tips for Those Entering World of Credit

Washington, DC (PRWEB) August 22, 2013

While parent’s mail boxes are filling with credit card bills from summer vacations and back-to-school shopping, their college-aged child is likely receiving offers for credit cards of their own.

Due to the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (CARD Act), young adults under the age of 21 applying for credit now must demonstrate the ability to pay or have a co-signer in order to be approved. Thus, the 21-year-old college student has replaced the entering freshman as the likely target for credit card marketing.

“Building a positive credit history while in college can certainly help the young professional move on with his or her post-graduation life,” said Gail Cunningham, spokesperson for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). “On the flip side, abusing credit can work against a person when trying to land a job, lease an apartment or buy a vehicle.”

The NFCC’s 2013 Financial Literacy Survey found that 33 percent of respondents indicated they learned the most about personal finance at home. Although at first glance this can appear as positive, problems often arise if the parents have poor financial habits which the children observe and subsequently carry into their own financial lives.

Further, the survey revealed that only five percent attributed their personal finance knowledge to what they learned at school. This number is not surprising, as many states do not include a personal finance course as a requirement for graduation from high school.

Stepping into the world of credit without adequate personal finance training is asking for trouble, as responsibly managing credit is critical to building a solid financial future. The NFCC recommends that young adults consider the following tips for successfully navigating credit:

    Start slowly. Don’t apply for more credit than is needed. A little plastic can go a long way, particularly in the wallet of someone new to credit.
    Don’t act like a kid in the credit candy store. It can be tempting to splurge on music downloads and late-night pizzas, but small purchases can add up quickly.
    Never, ever charge more than can be paid in full when the bill arrives. This is the cornerstone to successfully managing credit. Use this financial trick: Record each charge in the check register and deduct the amount from the balance just as though a check had been cashed. This method guarantees that the funds will be available when it’s time to pay the bill.
    Choose the right card. New homework assignment: Research what’s behind the credit card offers. Fully understand the terms, interest rate, fees and credit limit, as these features will impact the final decision. Some student cards also offer rewards such as miles or points that can be redeemed, but read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.
    Think long term. Negative marks on a credit file can follow a person for years. Evaluate charging decisions in light of tomorrow, not today.
    Protect the card. Identity theft is rampant on campuses, and a credit card lying on a desk is as good as gold to a thief. Since studies show that identity theft is often committed by someone the victim knows, don’t be naively trusting.
    Don’t allow others to use the card, as regardless of who runs up the debt, payment remains the cardholder’s responsibility.
    If things get out of control, remember that businesses still accept cash, and a debit card can be used for payment in most locations. Don’t hesitate to put the credit card away if things get out of hand.

“The college student potentially has 50 years or more of credit life ahead of him or her, making it critical that sound financial habits are established at a young age,” continued Cunningham. “Credit can be a friend or a foe. That outcome is determined by whose hand is holding the plastic.”

Before applying for a credit card, young adults would be well-served by reaching out to an NFCC Member Agency for a one-on-one financial review with an NFCC Certified Financial Professional. To be automatically connected to the agency closest to you, dial (800) 388-2227, or go online to http://www.DebtAdvice.org – For assistance in Spanish, call (800) 682-9832.


The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), founded in 1951, is the nation’s largest and longest serving national nonprofit credit counseling organization. The NFCC’s mission is to promote the national agenda for financially responsible behavior, and build capacity for its members to deliver the highest-quality financial education and counseling services. NFCC Members annually help millions of consumers through more than 600 community-based offices nationwide. For free and affordable confidential advice through a reputable NFCC Member, call (800) 388-2227, (en Español (800) 682-9832) or visit http://www.nfcc.org – Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NFCCDebtAdvice, on Twitter: twitter.com/NFCCDebtAdvice, on YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/NFCC09 and our blog: http://financialeducation.nfcc.org/

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