TI-30xs Demonstration Video

The TI-30xs Demonstration Video will help you understand how the new on-screen calculator will function for the GED test.
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  1. Auston Cron says:

    This video needs an upgrade for the 2014 test!

  2. SoulBlayzR says:


  3. Jeremy Dias says:

    i wish i could use my physical calculator that i use in a level

  4. Dairys Moreta says:

    This video was amazing thank you! Now I can pass the test!

  5. Sophie H. says:


  6. Open Eye says:

    Unbearably corny yet incredibly helpful. Thanks I'll have As on my tests and you in my nightmares.

  7. KYWF Vinny says:


  8. mathandgrammar says:

    Although the TI-30XS is still the only calculator allowed for use on the GED tests, some of the information stated in this video is outdated and does not reflect what is currently stated on the GED Testing Service's website (I last checked January 2016).

    The non-calculator section is part 1 and only 5 questions. The calculator is allowed for all of Part 2. The test is 115 minutes, which includes a three-minute break between part 1 and part 2. This break is for you to get your calculator. The on-screen calculator is still provided, but you are now allowed to bring your own TI-30XS (about $15).

    Part 1 and part 2 DO NOT each have set specific time limits. You must pace yourself for each section. This means that person A could take twenty minutes to do part 1, have three minutes to fetch his or her calculator, and then use the remaining ninety-two minutes for part 2. But this also means that person B could take fifty minutes to do part 1, have three minutes to fetch his or her calculator, but then only have sixty-two minutes to finish part 2.

  9. Ms. Trish says:

    i like this.

  10. z dawg says:

    @Dagnykight lol

  11. z dawg says:

    Great voice

  12. Jarvis H. says:

    oh dear god

  13. Angella Callas says:

    what  a great voice-lol

  14. Dagny Kight says:

    dear god the calculator voice is terrifying

  15. Noah837 says:

    Does this still apply for the new 2014 test?

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