Walter Scott Execution By Police Officer Michael Slager – Dashcam Video 1


Video footage showing Walter Scott fleeing a traffic stop minutes before he was shot dead by police officer Michael Slager has been released by authorities in South Carolina.

The recording shows Scott, 50, making a run from his Mercedes-Benz after being warned to stay in the vehicle by Slager, who had stopped him for a broken tail light in North Charleston last Saturday morning.

Walter Scott was shot by officer Slager in the back as he tried to flee.

Video has surfaced of the shooting of Walter Scott, by North Charleston Patrolman 1st Class Michael Thomas Slager, which tells a different story to what the police officer wrote in his reports.

According to the police reports, the shooting unfolded after Officer Slager stopped a Mercedes-Benz with a broken taillight. Walter L. Scott, aged 50, is alleged to have made a run for it with officer Slager chasing him into a grassy lot. The officer then alleges he fired his Taser and that Scott ran off with the taser, threatening the officer.

Eight shots later, Walter Scott falls to the ground after he is shot in the back as he tried to flee.

The video was taken by a bystander and provided to Mr. Scott’s lawyer, and shows the officer retrieving and object and placing it next to the mans body as he lay on the ground, suggesting an item was placed there to support the officers statement that Scott ran away with the taser.

The victim is between 15-25 feet away and is shot multiple times, and no assistance is rendered.

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  1. DLDHistory says:

    where is the crappy music coming from ? the police car? or Walter Scotts car?