Walter Scott Police Shooting VIDEO: Moment Police Officer Michael Slager Shoots Black Man (VIDEO)

Walter Scott Police Shooting VIDEO: Moment Police Officer Michael Slager Shoots Black Man (VIDEO)

Walter Scott Shooting VIDEO: Police Officer Michael Slager Shoots Black Man Multiple Times in Back | Walter Scott Police Shooting VIDEO. Michael Slager Police Officer Charged With MURDER

Police Chief Eddie Driggers said Tuesday that Slager had been arrested.
Mayor Keith Summey added during a news conference that as a result of the video and Slager’s “bad decision,” the officer would be charged with murder.

Summey said Slager’s actions were not representative of the entire police force.

“When you’re wrong, you’re wrong,” Summey said. “When you make a bad decision, don’t care if you’re behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision.”

The footage, filmed by an anonymous bystander, shows the end of the confrontation between the two on Saturday after Scott, who had a warrant out for his arrest, ran from a traffic stop. It was the first piece of evidence that could contradict a statement that Slager released to the public through his attorney.

SLED spokesman Thom Berry said Tuesday that he could not confirm whether the agency has the video.

“All I can say is that our investigation is continuing,” Berry said, “and it would be inappropriate for us to discuss any specifics at this time.”

Attorney David Aylor, who released a statement on Slager’s behalf earlier this week, said Tuesday that he wasn’t representing the officer anymore.

“I’m no longer involved in form or fashion,” Aylor said.

Slager has said through Aylor that Scott had wrested his Taser from him during a struggle. The officer felt threatened when he fired, his attorney said.

Deputy Coroner Brittney Martin was not immediately available Tuesday to confirm how many times Scott was hit.

At the time, Scott was wanted for arrest on a Family Court warrant, Charleston County sheriff’s Maj. Eric Watson said Tuesday.

He had a history of arrests related to contempt of court charges for failing to pay child support. The only accusation of violence against Scott during his lifetime came through a 1987 assault and battery charge, but the disposition of that charge was not immediately known.

Public sentiment

The footage comes amid a discussion about race and policing in the U.S.

Scott was black. Slager is white.

The nationwide conversation was sparked by the fatal shooting in August of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was unarmed at the time, but witnesses said he got into a struggle with Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, and was shot during the scuffle.

Though a grand jury did not find any reason to indict Wilson, the shooting ignited protests, some of which turned violent. A “black lives matter” movement inspired talk about whether police nationwide too quickly resort to deadly force against black men.

During that wave of public sentiment that prompted rallies in the Charleston area, South Carolina Trooper Sean Groubert, who is white, was arrested for shooting Levar Jones, a black man who had reached into his pickup for his driver’s license during a September traffic stop in Columbia. Groubert faces a charge of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, and the state settled a lawsuit by Jones for 0,000.

The development in Scott’s death also came on the same day when SLED arrested a North Augusta police officer in the Feb. 9, 2014, shooting death of Ernest Satterwhite. The officer, 25-year-old Justin Gregory Craven, faces a count of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle, a felony charge punishable with up to 10 years in prison.
Walter Scott Police Shooting VIDEO. Michael Slager Police Officer Charged With MURDER
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  1. bigron269 says:

    it's a false flag people !! the first shot would have knocked him down and after 8 shots it would have been lots of blood !!!

  2. Isaura Mendoza says:

    i do not understand how there was a mistrial! What else do you need. Sad.

  3. Jess Abbott says:

    I thought it was police procedure for a policeman to yell "stop police."  And if the person didn't stop they would be shot at.  But the running man knew the man behind him was a policeman already so why is he running?  I wouldn't run from a policeman, they can shoot me.

  4. Robin Henderson says:

    your going to PRISON ASSHOLE

  5. Rat Man says:

    Fucking psychopath. He's still gonna get off easier because he was a cop. Probably a 20 year sentence. He will serve 10 years in a soft facility and be paroled. Courts hold cops to a much lower standard of conduct than civilians. Cops should be held to a higher standard.

  6. Valient Six says:

    you cant shoot someone in the back while they are escaping

  7. EyePleaThe5th says:


  8. augnkn93043 says:

    Pig is a murderer. End of case.

  9. michael leighton says:

    if yall r gonna riot about a shooting it should be this one not mike brown

  10. huixian lai says:

    the truth is there are still a lot of racism action. police should protect civil, not murder.

  11. Siri says:

    smh….scared crackers

  12. king 101 says:

    translation of a bad decision of the high & mighty white man to all racist police officers you can kill a nigga but not on video has HD quality because you will be charged for murder clearly because when you wrong you wrong in HD quality 

  13. Ben Dover says:

    Its SIMPLE people……… STOP running and resisting…..PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop Stop Stop Stop!!!!!! In EVERY one of these cases they would be alive if they would have just  obeyed the officer.. Very simple!

  14. MsAlexandr99999 says:

    After these shots, America has become a little more cleaner. Bravo police, knowingly receive money.

  15. raquan thompson says:

    Fuck 12

  16. Alan Morris says:

    I know he must have shit a brick when he found out the whole thing was caught on tape.

  17. Arch Deacon says:

    Looks like the cop had the Taser in his hand and the Walter Scott knocked it to the ground…  In the Dash Cam video you can hear Slager yelling Taser, Taser, Taser…

  18. Arch Deacon says:

    Is the black bulge on the ground in front of the cop…  Is that his Taser? It looks like he walked back to pick it up when the other cop showed up…  Can't really make it out in the video…

  19. 480chavo says:

    I find it somewhat comical that all the videos of similar situations only show the ending or shall I say filming only begins after the incident leading to lethal force so you don't see the precursor you only see the use of lethal force you never see for what reason it was used