What Are Landlord Rights To Access Property After A Lease?

Landlord should be aware of his or her rights after their property has been occupied. This is vital because once a tenant occupies a property the landlord rights with regards to property access are limited to legitimate purposes. The tenant has the right to enjoy the property in absolute calmness and therefore landlord must respect tenant privacy. Lets look at the landlord rights to access property after tenant occupancy.

The landlord can inspect property to find out how well it is maintained. Usually, details of inspection are mentioned in the written rental agreement. The procedure of inspection and tenant notification for inspection will be outlined here. In case, there is no written agreement, the landlord must give the tenant notice of inspection, at least 24 hours prior to inspection. The notice must specify the date and time of inspection. The landlord does not have the right to check the property unannounced or visit the property when the tenant is absent.

In the case of repairs, the landlord has the right to enter the property to make the repairs for which he or she is legally obligated to do so, provided adequate notice is given to the tenant on the same. The tenant cannot prevent the landlord or his agents from carrying out such repair work and any attempt to do so is illegal and the landlord can evict them for the same. It is better to have the procedure for accessing property for repairs laid out n the tenant agreement so that disputes can be prevented.

It is to be noted that the only time that the landlord can access the property is when there is a real emergency such as a fire or a gas leak, which can cause harms to others or to neighboring property. It is necessary to adhere to landlord rights on property after tenancy so that tenant is not disturbed unnecessarily and that property access by landlord is done only when it is essential.

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