What to Expect Your First Year as a New Truck Driver

A new truck driver endures the most challenging part of his entire career, in their first year. Just a few things the new trucker ought to be aware of, so yo…

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  1. Smart-Trucking.com says:

    The first year of any trucker’s career, is a stressful one… filled with
    challenges and a huge learning curve… there’s so much to keep track of
    and remember.
    We go over some of the things you should expect in that first critical
    year, and some tips and advice to get you through it.
    If you were born to drive, hang in there…. it’ll be worth it in the long
    #trucker #truckdriver #trucking 

  2. SecretUser2000 says:

    By “ugly” load, do you mean something bulky like refrigerators, or
    something nasty, like cow manure?

  3. Ethan Johnson says:

    My first year was easy. I used my dads spare truck and leased onto a
    flatbed company. Grossed 15k/month, 99 freightliner with a Detroit 12.7
    I’d love to get a new truck because my dad had a 2003 310″ black flat top
    Pete. And I liked it the most.

    But its hard to justify considering my Detroit gets excellent mileage and
    gets A to B @80k lbs just the same as any other new 150k truck and without
    def/egr ect.

    I hope in 3-4 years when my liners are about finished that gliders will
    still be available.


  4. fivefootsixtriumph says:

    What can a new driver exect to make year one, five and ten of his career?
    …. Approximately.

  5. Eric Grunden says:

    Top notch advise and driver wisdom. Thanks man.

  6. Victor Puentes says:

    I hve a huge decision that i am trying to make. I am fighting with the idea
    of Werner Enterprises or TMC Trans, dryvan vs flatbed. I have 0 experience
    in trucking. Would i be making a wrong decision in going with Werner to
    gain experience before i go into flatbed trucking? 

  7. TNG64 says:

    Can you recommend a truckers GPS? 

  8. Victor Puentes says:

    Dave, thank you for your input. Have been stressing a bit trying to make
    the right and sound decision. 

  9. pvtrichardsonbr says:

    I was so excited about the aspect of traveling the country and being on the
    open road I didnt think about “am I even a good driver”? Lol going to
    pursue getting my cdl soon and we’ll find out I guess 

  10. Naqib Naderi says:

    the best advice, thanks very very much for sharing this great advice with

  11. XGiveMeLibertyX says:

    I’m in school right now to get my cdl. First day of backing practice was
    this Friday and I was absolutely horrible. I have never backed a trailer
    before and im worried im not going to get good enough with just 3 more
    backing practices before test day.

  12. Joshua Hill says:

    Driving team absolutely sucks. I’ve done my 8 month contract with CRST and
    now I am running running running away. They don’t care if you abd your co
    driver don’t get along. And most of them expect consideration for their
    sleep, but do not return it. 

  13. HateGovernment says:

    Don’t ever get directions from the receptionist. Boy, that’s the truth.

  14. Big Bob says:

    Pretty much the same as with any other career start. You need to get the
    experience and have a job that you can at least break even with at the same
    time. With that you’ll have time to pick and choose to get the job you
    really want. Thanks to wi-fi job searching and independent study can be
    done almost anywhere.

  15. mario v says:

    Thanks for the advice, could you please define “ugly or bad” loads? What
    does that mean to truckers? 

  16. james proctor says:

    Good information!

  17. Awakened citizen says:

    Basically what you’re saying is trucking companies know that you need the
    experience so they totally take advantage of that and pay you next to
    nothing to become experienced…suck it up. Sound about right?

  18. TNG64 says:

    Very, very informative

  19. Tony Stadele says:

    Great videos , keep them up
    Any tips on the best fuel cards or discount cards for hotel or food and one
    last one road side service ( no one talks about that )

  20. Doug S says:

    Been driving straight trucks since ’95 (so I have 19 years experience from
    that have never been in an accident, have never caused an accident, have a
    +5 point balance on my CDL A and just recently passed my Class A skills
    test (10 January 2014), I’ve put my resume out there and NO ONE has even so
    much as called me for an interview.
    So now, I’m concentrating on getting a local job driving whatever I can
    (straight truck, dump truck, lowboy, bread truck, I don’t care.

  21. Jorge Barraza says:

    Amen to that

  22. Casper Akoma says:

    Thank you sir, just good,good lesson.

  23. Stretch379BBM says:

    Great videos. I really enjoy listening to an experienced driver passing on
    his experiences in the industry.

  24. dj wayne says:

    thanks for the information.. i have my cdl but need seat time it hard to
    get with a company with no time in ….any ideas

  25. RanochVTX says:

    Genuine advise. Thank you. 

  26. luckywinn says:

    this NEEDS to go Viral FAST!!! but what can American citizens do to demand
    real counts in the votes?

  27. Nancy J. Luna says:

    @FreedumbFighter28 –Yeah, I knew after Iowa too. As soon as they admitted
    the exit polls showed Ron Paul at 29% and Romney at 22%, then they
    announced Romney as the winner, I knew it was too late for us.

  28. skb0rzn says:

    @FreedumbFighter28 Please do not become depressed, in the times of greatest
    hardship the grandest heroes do arise. We have a chance, we can create
    change. Hell, it may be in 20 years when you and I are on the front lines
    outside of Denver about to take the last of them out. 🙂 “Those who make
    peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    JFK (Oh no, now I am suspect to terrorism and imprisonment.)

  29. skb0rzn says:

    @luckywinn Please share, thumbs and e-mail out. Thank you and our future

  30. stophypocrisy says:

    No one will do anything about the rigged election. People will just give up
    on freedom and Liberty. Americans have become stupid and soft. I wish there
    where a new country to imagrate too because why would anyone fight to get a
    country back for fat, nogood lazy jerk-offs. It’s not worth saving.

  31. DrCAS64 says:

    Maybe I am a softee and trust folks to much…..but could it just be that
    the people managing the elections and polling stations are just a bunch of

  32. FreedumbFighter28 says:

    YUP…after Iowa…My faith was DESTROYED AGIAN…just like when i finished
    reading the 911 comission report….:-( I KNEW the votes were NEVER gonna
    go our way. OUR FORE FATHERS TOLD US HOW TO RECTIFY THIS….but if we speak
    such words…we are open to torture…and the secret police. 🙁 so
    despressed…FF28 is distraught and wondering what its gonna take for
    merica to wake up.

  33. skb0rzn says:

    @steverid “kooks” are the best, free thinkers outside the box . Thanks for
    sharing and posting, spreading the word and being a way shower. Namaste

  34. steverid says:

    Great video….I always re-post them to my Facebook page……..even though
    I’m a kook & all 😉

  35. samcan1980 says:

    Vote fraud, that’s how! America is a fascist state, no doubt! Freedom and
    liberty has been forsaken for false security!

  36. DrCAS64 says:

    And as an addendum This is exactly why we need Voter ID laws. There are
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    showed up in IA in support of Dr. Paul in comparison to Romney, yet Romney
    was chosen as the Republican candidate….

  37. NYredwhiteandblue says:

    votes must be counted in the precincts in open and transparent fashion and
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  38. Urgearhead says:

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  39. FreedumbFighter28 says:

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    But seriously….EVERYTHING ya said is right on the money.. Thanx for the
    pep talk..:-)

  40. skb0rzn says:

    @FreedumbFighter28 You know M. Rupert on Joe Rogan Experience says it well
    with this. Its the camper story, bears attack and every one runs, you don’t
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  41. skb0rzn says:

    @Urgearhead Thank you, please take a sec and check out the vids in the
    “More Info” section. With respect.

  42. skb0rzn says:

    @FreedumbFighter28 Love’n you bro! Stay strong in your honor and respect.

  43. skb0rzn says:

    @NYredwhiteandblue Check the More Info area 🙂

  44. JPMorganSuckBalls says:

    1:18 was Our news station.

  45. stable12 says:

    Its so clear now it makes me mad as hell.

  46. FreedumbFighter28 says:

    @skb0rzn Thanks dude….I have always aired on the side of caution. Telling
    people to stay peacefull cause the “see somthing say something” control
    grid is really for when enough of us are awake and decide to stop this
    tyranny. But the media is the BIGGEST problem and quite frankly…I cant
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    many IPs are blocked now…and…ugh…I will try and be positive..but for
    god sake,how can these zombies accept this madness??